The table of the greats

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The table of the greats

In this blog, I would like to mention about this idea I’ve always had in mind, about, how would it be like, if for one night, you had the opportunity to have a meal with people who inspire you, who are no longer with us. No family members, or friends, just people who you would love to have met, but the course of life came by and took them away, what would your list be?

Here’s is my list, and I will explain why in different blogs.

Albert Einstein, Bob Marley, Ayrton Senna, Nicola Tesla and Bruce Lee.

Albert Einstein- I wasn’t really much in Albert Einstein until recent years, when I saw a documentary about him on you tube from 2015 from National Geographic. I would highly recommend anyone to watch that documentary. I feel like that documentary really gave an amazing insight about Albert Einstein, however, considering how great he was, I believe he deserves a movie of his own.

 In my opinion, there will never be another scientist like Albert Einstein, and the reason why is that, I don’t think anyone else will have the courage, to sacrifice their whole life for science, like he did. Albert Einstein literally lived his life for science, he had two kids, and he never saw them, in order to focus on his projects, which is completely crazy, to think someone would sacrifice their kids life, to focus on what they are doing. I wouldn’t have the courage to do that, and I believe not many other people would. 

The best part of the documentary for me, which is a great example for us, he was working in a university as a teacher, with other talented minds of his time, and the Second World War started. All his friends teachers at the University were in favour and supported Germany fighting in the war, but Einstein was against it, as we can see, he was a single minded individual, and only single minded people change the world. 

Not only that, but Albert Einstein was divorcing his wife, and she was getting custody of his kids. A situation like that can even make or brake you, a lot of people would rather turn to alcohol and drugs, going to the pub all the time. But Albert Einstein was a special individual, and he threw himself to science very deeply, and isolated himself for years for what I heard. However that isolation had a positive side, as some of the mathematics he was working on, he realised they were wrong, and that’s what probably saved his career. And that’s when Albert Einstein made amazing discoveries, which the most famous one is energy moves mass, he had to prove that, and he proved by the eclipse, as the sun moved the stars.

I have had friends that when they split up with their wife, they nearly committed suicide, really went down hill, feeling depressed. However what they didn’t realise was,  that was a blessing, if I brake up with someone, I feel like they are doing me a favour, not only a favour, but the opportunity to become the person I want to be, and have the freedom to focus on my art which is what I love most.

So be thankful of a rejection, and if someone is not in your life anymore, and realise you have the opportunity to become your full potential in life.

In my next blog, I’m gonna talk about Bob Marley, and why he’s on my list.

Hope you guys enjoyed this blog, keep an eye for the second one.

Hope everyone is keeping safe.