The table of the greats, Bruce Lee, part-5

Hello everyone, thanks for reading our blog.

This is the last blog of our journey in the table of the greats. In my previous blogs, I have mentioned about people who inspires me, people who are no longer here, who in fact are immortal, due to what they have taught us or achieved In their short time they had here.

Bruce Lee in my opinion, had a really short time here, as he died so young, still in his 30’s. what a waste of a talent, however in the short period of time he spent here, he was outstanding. A lot of people do not really rate Bruce Lee’s fighting skill, as he never had proved his fighting abilities in competitions, and I understand why some would think like that, however I also consider that he did not have the opportunity to live.

And now you mite be asking yourself, but how could we be sure of how good Bruce Lee was as a fighter, if we have never really seen him fighting for real.

I used to think like that too, until one day I came across a video on YouTube, where it shows interviews with genuine people, who saw Bruce Lee fighting for real, at martial arts classes. Apparently, Bruce Lee used to love sparing with other martial artists, as he used to love how different people were, and he used to enjoy going with the flow, or reacting to whatever way shape or form they were coming at him. And apparently, nobody could touch him, he was just too good.

Now we ask ourselves, how was Bruce Lee so good? The reason why in my opinion, was because, he was the first martial artist to study Philosophy, and the human body. Because he studied the human body, he understood it in a different level than other fighters. With such a deep knowledge on philosophy and human anatomy, he used to flow like water, with every movement his opponents planned to attack him with.

Apparently, martial artists, are very good at dancing too, and Bruce Lee was one one them. He was a Cha cha Champion, I think it’s a Chinese dance, and all that contributed to his skills as a martial artist.

One of the best stories I have heard about Bruce Lee, which is in that video on YouTube I previously spoke about. He went to a martial artist class, and spared with everyone, and apparently, no one could lay a finger on him. After sparing with all students in the class, it was time to face their master, or their teacher. The teacher looked at Bruce Lee and said, I have seen you fight, and you are not that good, I could get you in one go. So Bruce Lee said to the master, ok, you kick me once, and I will kick you once. So the master, kicked Bruce Lee once, and Bruce Lee easily blocked it with his shoulder. Then Bruce Lee said, ok, now it’s my turn, and apparently, he kicked so fast, that no one could see what happened. And people around could only start to realise what was happening, when the masters mouth started to bleed, and all his teeth started to fall out. He had kicked him so fast and so precise, that no one could catch it with their own eyes.

Its also known, that Bruce Lee, was so fast when he did his movies, that the camera people, used to ask him to slow down, because his movements would become unclear to the human eyes.

I have seen a lot of documentaries and movies about Bruce Lee. I think on Netflix, there are 2 at the moment. And I recommend an audio book called the philosophy of Bruce Lee. I hear that sometimes when I’m in the house cleaning and doing other things.

Bruce Lee was a Martial artist genius, and if he lived nowadays he would do really well on UFC. I would loved to have seen Bruce Lee fighting Israel Adesanya on UFC. I think he’s the only one who would stand a chance against Bruce Lee. They are both phenomenal, and Israel Adsanya is still leaving his legacy, and I hope he does prove he’s the best for a long time.

Thank you guys for reading my blog, I’m glad I stuck to get this few blogs done, in the table of the greats. We all should look up to someone who inspire us, I can’t see anything wrong with that. I never see anyone as my hero, however I’m not shy to let others know about people who do inspire me, and hopefully they will inspire other people as well.

Thank you for reading, and keep safe!