The Power of Sacrifice


The power of sacrifice

In order to achieve what you want, sacrifice is crucial in the process. But how far can we go with this? How brave are you to sacrifice something in order to have something else? That’s a question that makes me think a lot. Would you feel completely satisfied when you finally got what you wanted? Or would you lack and feel unfulfilled in other areas?

I believe in order to achieve something massively, you have to sacrifice something for it. However, I mean it in a big scale. Let’s say for instance, if you want to be world class at what you do. To be world class at what you do, it’s not easy at all, as you have competitions all around the world, and to overpass all these other competitions, you must do what they are not doing, like working or studying, while they are enjoying the sun shine.

Albert Einstein sacrificed his kids for science. I wouldn’t recommend anybody to sacrifice their kids for what they do. However that’s why I believe it’s not gonna be another scientist like him, as we know, not everyone has the courage to sacrifice their kids for what they do. I think that’s why he took it to the next level, because he had the time and dedication to do it.

Michael Jackson, sacrificed his childhood for music. 

Thanos sacrificed his daughter for what he wanted, I would recommend you to watch “Avengers infinity wars” That’s what inspired me to make this blog. Thanos is a fierce villain, who has the desire to collect these stones, in order to conquer power and powerful energy. However in one of the scenes, he sacrificed his daughter for one of the stones, and that really made me think how far some people can go in order to get what they want.

How far would you sacrifice? It depends how bad you want it! 

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