The importance of drawing portraits, before you can tattoo them

Hello, thanks for reading our blog. In this blog I would like to talk about, one of my favourite styles to tattoo, which is a portrait. Portraits it requires a lot of attention and passion to do them, the reason why is because you need to understand the human face structure. Studying a face is imperative, before you attempt to tattoo them , and the best way to practice is to draw portraits over and over again. Drawing a portrait, it allows you to make mistakes and learn from them, before attempting the skin. I have worked with tattoo artists in the past, who liked tattooing portraits, however they never used to draw them, so it was no doubt they were learning from mistakes they were doing already on someone’s skin, instead of practicing in a piece of paper first, and having respect for your client. That’s why I believe is so important to draw as a tattoo artist, because as this practising method applies to portraits, it also applies to any style, the only way you can develop artistically, is if you draw, so how can your tattoos look better if you don’t draw.

Anyway, anyone who is born with an artistic bone in them, do know that, they have an urge inside of them to draw or paint, just by being an artist, that’s what artists do, regardless if you are a tattoo artist or not. So when you meet a tattoo artist who does not draw or paint, how can they be considered tattoo artists? The meaning of the world tattoo artist, is someone who is art focused outside of tattooing, and bring these artistic lessons and experiences by painting or drawing to the tattooing craft.

I had a seminar with Nikki Hurtado, and the passion that guy had for tattooing portraits was incredible. He studies a portrait starting with the skull, the skull is the foundation of a portrait, so understanding the skull, will give you a deep perspective about approaching a portrait.

Having a passion for studying art, is what is going to develop your art. The more you know, the more you will want to know, it’s almost like an addiction, there’s no limits with what we can learn from art, that’s why I love it so much, it feels like you trying to reach the unreachable in a way, so that’s why I believe, being fully satisfied as an artist is hard to achieve, as we do know inside of us, that no matter where we are, we can always push it a little further. And if you are fully satisfied as an artist, you will die as an artist.

Thank you for reading