The end of 2018


The end of the year

2018 has been a Rocky year for me, a lot of changes, but for the best.

If you say the truth to someone, and they are not in your life anymore, it’s better than to live in a pretending life. You can’t have a real relationship with someone, unless you are honest with yourself first. I love this quote “ if you seek the truth, the truth will free you”.

Next year because of that change, I’m gonna be able to be more focused and make decisions for myself, to look after myself better and best.

This year of 2018 has been the year of changes and lessons. I’m gonna take a lot of lessons with me next year. I would like to thanks everyone who have crossed my path, and have tough me a lesson, even if the lesson was, what not to do.

Motivation in my opinion is very important as an artist, as we have to be productive all the time, and keep progressing. I believe if you make bad decisions in your life, sometimes the motivation gets out of the window. And by the time you get the motivation back, you mite have lost a few years out of your life, where you could be more productive, upgrading your knowledge and skills.

I think going my own way, and focusing on myself is the best thing I can do right now. As an artist or in life in general, the best investment you can make is on yourself. As in life, you don’t get what you want, you get what you are.

As a Tattoo Artist, eating well, exercising and meditation is very important in my opinion. So next year I’m gonna be more focused on my health to be able to work better and have a self respect for my health, in order to work best.

I have a good feeling about next year, I feel like I’m gonna achieve a lot of goals, and have a great opportunity which is to tattoo styles that I draw,love and study.

I wish everyone a happy new year, and thanks for reading my blog.

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