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The table of the greats- Ayrton Senna

The table of the greats

Ayrton Senna

Carrying on from my previous blog. Ayrton Senna is next on my list of the table of the greats. I’ve always had this idea if I could for one night, have a meal with people who inspire me, no family members, only people who are no longer here, but who left a legacy.

Ayrton Senna was a legendary Brazilian racing driver, who brought for the first time, mental and physical preparation to Formula 1. His dedication to racing and love and care for his country, made him a man to remember world wide. A lot of people, when they hear about Ayrton Senna, they immediately see him as a racing driver, however if you have seen his funeral, you would know, he was a bit more than that.

Ayrton Senna started his Racing career in go karts in Brazil, winning the São Paulo go kart for the children championship. He was a son of a Rich Brazilian business man, so his dad had no problem in backing up his racing career, as to be in the race world, even before reaching F1, each season of a league, could cost up to a million. So most F1 drivers do come from rich families.

So at the age of 17, Ayrton Senna came to England to drive at Silverstone, in a league that was bellow F1. Living his family behind in Brazil to be able to follow his dreams, it was a sacrifice he had to do, to achieve his racing ambitions. Even before F1, Senna already showed outstanding performances in the track, getting the attention of F1 teams. 

Willians was the first team in F1, to give Senna a chance to drive an F1 car. And his first ever drive test, he went one second faster that the car has ever been before. And for those who don’t know, one second in formula one is a lot of time. 

Willians did not have a slot for Senna that season im F1, as they had 2 drivers currently under contract. So Toleman was the team that had a space for a driver, however that car was the worse on the grid. 

Even knowing Senna had the worse car in the grid, in his first race in Monaco, in really wet conditions, with controlling the car becomes 10X harder, he managed to finish second in the race. Throughout his career Senna proved to win races with cars that was bellow the competition. Most F1 champions you see, they were champions because they had the best car. Senna became a world champion, specially with his third title, with a much inferior car than the competition.

As Ayrton Senna was considered by many, the greatest driver in F1. Due time his ability to drive in bad conditions and with not the best car, he was also a man with a big heart.

My aunt in Brazil was a doctor for the government hospital. And a lot of poor people in Brazil could not afford their operation. And she used to say that Ayrton Senna used to pay for the operations of poor people in Brazil. He was a multi millionaire, who cared about his people. There are so many sports people in Brazil, who do not care about their roots, or their people need.

And for last, I would like to say that, Ayrton Senna was one man to prove that, you can be from a third world country and you can win. He proved that over and over again. Even born in a third world country, where technology is a lot behind than the first world. He used to face the technology of the first world, specially in F1, where technology is a big part, and he used to win. Not only win, but lift the Brazilian flag in the end of all races he won, even knowing his country was under a lot of difficulties in the 90’s, a lot of negative emotions in Brazil in the 90’s, however against all the odds, he still managed to win. 

Unfortunately Senna had a car crash and died in 1994, when he was leading the Italian Grand Prix. That was an unexpected death, as he had no control of it, and everybody knows, only a mechanical problem with the car could killed Ayrton Senna. 

Even to this day, all F1 drivers are inspired by him. With his single mindset, and mental toughness, he achieved drives that  are hard to believe. If he hadn’t had that unfortunate crash, we would have seen him to win many more world titles, and helping Brazil to become a better place. That’s why when he died, we were really upset in Brazil, because he was the only thing we had that worked out, and we lost that. But his soul is still very strong and we remember him, to inspire us in difficult moments. 

Thank you for reading