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Staying focused, and dealing with frustration as a tattoo artist

Hello everyone, thanks for looking at our blog. In this blog I would like to share a bit of my method about keeping focused and dealing with frustration as an artist. I hope this blog helps not only artists and tattoo artists, but also everyone in any walk of life, as I’m sure, it doesn’t matter what we do, we are always faced with challenges along the way. We do our best most of the time, and sometimes we feel like we are not getting anywhere with all our efforts. I’m sure everyone can relate to that, and here are my thoughts on it.

I hear a lot of people, calling others selfish, for looking after themselves and focusing in their life. As others see this as being selfish, I see it as having a self respect for yourself , and respecting the short time we have here. People treat like they are gonna live forever, like in life is always going to be there..

The best investment you can make is on yourself, focusing on yourself, it makes you a better person, and in a consequence, you will give others a better life. So what’s so selfish about looking after yourself first? I think is a very smart thing to do. People who are around you today, mite not be around you tomorrow, and the only person who will remain is yourself, always. I understand family usually is around us for a life time, hopefully.

Making time for yourself everyday, is what is going to make you feel better about life. Staying motivated and focused, starts with your health, without your health your brain will not function at its best, your decisions will not be at its best, due to lack of self respect for your mind and body. Having a self respect for your mind “meditating” and body “exercising” will unfold the power of “belief”. I would highly recommend a book called “The power of belief” in this book, it talks about the importance of a healthy diet in order to have the belief system in charge in your body. Your belief is what’s going to shape your world . I guarantee, what you believe right now, is where the your life will be, no mistakes there.

Do you want to get out of your focus and belief system? I would recommend eating refined sugar. Honestly, refined sugar, it lows your immune system, it lowers your concentration capacity, inflames your body cells, it boosts cancer cells. In another words refined sugar is a poison to our body. I follow a few doctors on you tube, and they mention that ice-cream, biscuits and chips are in the list of the “worst” foods in the world.

So as an artist or professional, bringing your own food to work everyday really helps. If I forget to bring my own food to work, I think, I will just get something vegan, so it’s healthy, I understand vegan food is healthy, however when the food comes, it’s all really deep fried with oil, and that sort of food is terrible for your concentration. I’m now 38, and if I’m not careful with what I eat, my concentration level goes right down, and my performance won’t be the same. So I never try to get cheap food, is like not caring for your health, I work hard so I can eat well, eating well is not a luxury is a must. Your performance at work will unfold due to what you are eating throughout the day.

I take vitamins B12 everyday I work, that really helps with concentration, and for sure i try to stay away from meat while I work, as digesting meat, it takes a lot of our body, so I prefer to put my energy to my work, instead of my digestion. In order to perform at your best, the details is what make the difference.

At last I would like to talk about dealing with frustration as an artist. If you are an artist, you will know what I’m talking about, we always want to reach that sort of painting or drawing and when the result is quiet not there yet, specially if you are a perfectionist, like me, is not easy to deal with sometimes. Being a perfectionist, it really frustrates me sometimes, as everything I feel like it could be better, the good side to that, is that I’m not delusional about my work, I’m very self critic, I prefer to be like that, than to be so delusional, like some artists I see, they think they are a so above to what they really can do, or the level they are in. Being honest with yourself is helpful, is good to know that you are doing well, but it’s smart to know that you can do better.

The best way to deal with frustration in my opinion, is not to compare yourself to others. Everyone has their own path in life, and everyone will write their own history, things come in different time for people, some people get it really early in life, but loose it due to lack of experience. A tree that grows slowly, will be a strong tree when it has reached its full circle. A tree that grows fast, will fall easier.

And also having “faith” is probably the most important thing, I’m not religious, but I believe deeply in having faith. Anybody in life who have created or achieved greatness, had a lot of faith in their vision, believe in your vision, and be stubborn about it. The best way to have a vision is to meditate, when you meditate you bring your mind to a state of piece, and this is where ideas will start to come, and the chosen direction will be clear as a day light.

I would like to thank you for reading my blog, and I hope that made you feel better, we all need a bit of a reminder of what we already know sometimes, as repetition is important to imprint our beliefs in our subconscious. Repeat what you want in your mind.