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The price of your tattoo

The price of your tattoo


Thanks for reading our blog, it’s a good way to get to know what we have been up to behind the scenes, in our tattoo studio in Leeds City Centre.

In this blog, I would like to talk about the price of your tattoo. And the best way to deal with your tattoo price, and be positive towards paying for your tattoo.

When you pay for your tattoo, you are not spending your money, you are investing your money. Some clients believe the price of their tattoo is fair, and some believe its expensive. I would like to mention that the price of a tattoo is not easy to estimate. As there are multiple ways a tattoo can be done. So a price could vary a lot on detail and size.

If we approach a tattoo price considering how long we are going to have the tattoo for. It makes you realise a tattoo price is definitely worth while. When I let the client know how much their tattoo will cost in total, I can see their face drop, and they don’t believe it, however what they don’t think is how long they are gonna have their tattoo for. And how they are going to pay it in instalments.

Let’s say for instance, you gonna have your tattoo for 20 years. And you pay £500 for your tattoo. If you divide 500 by 20, it equals 25. That means you would pay 25 pounds per year for your tattoo. If you look at it like that, a tattoo it doesn’t cost that much, if you look at it in a logical way, considering it will be with you forever.

Another thing I would like to mention, it mite sound a bit rash to some people, however it is the truth. As we all know the truth sometimes it hurts some people. However, if you pay cheap for your tattoo, you will look cheap. I can see when someone doesn’t pay much for their tattoo, or don’t put much effort or time to their tattoos. I think it’s better to have one really good tattoo, than a lot of average ones. Quality for me comes before anything. Some people get tattooed for the experience, which I try to give that also. For me having an experience is important, however trying to give the best quality as possible, is very important too. So I try to buy the best needles as possible, and the best inks possible.

Needles and inks can be cheap and expensive. You can buy needles from China, that are not sterilised. Because they are not sterilised they cost less, however they are not safe, as they are not clean. The sterilisation procedure costs money, so only serious tattoo supplies, will deal with professional tattoo inks, however they are not cheap. In order for us to tattoo with sterilised needles and inks, we have to invest big budgets on out tattoo supplies, in order to deliver not only the best best tattoo artistically, but technically and sterilised for your safety.

There’s a lot more than you think, involved in order to do a good tattoo. We have to invest a lot on it, however that’s our passion. That’s why we don’t mind buying the best of everything, because that’s what we love and live to do. And the tattoo artists who don’t invest good money on tattoo supplies, is because they prefer to save up their money, to buy their beers at the weekend. Where i prefer not to drink and save up to buy the best needle and the best ink to make my tattoo procedure more fun and flowing well. When you work with the best tools, your day will be a lot smoother and enjoyable, than working with a cheap kit.

For some reason when it comes to pay for a holiday or a night out, which it will be temporary, most people don’t have a problem to pay for it, but when it comes to mark their bodies or the rest of their life, they they don’t want to invest in it. Or try to lower the price, which is in fact undervaluing our work. Never undervalue your work, specially if you are dedicated to your craft, and if you do things properly.

In the end of the day, as we all know, we get what we pay for. And tattoo artists know how much their work is worth. So if you think you are being smart because you are paying less for a tattoo session, is a cheaper that ends up being more expensive in the future. Your body has a lot of value, it is who you are, so when it comes to mark it for the rest of your life, going for a cheaper option is not a very smart approach.

I respect people with good tattoos, as I can see that they saved up, made an appointment with an artist who they love their work, and walk around satisfied with a piece of art that they will carry with them forever.

Thank you for reading

Zombie sleeve work in progress

Today, I had an epic day. Thanks to Max, for giving me the opportunity to do this Zombie sleeve for him.

It’s really fun for me to do a Zombie sleeve, and I’m sure to make the most of this opportunity, to give the best I can to Max. 

The best part of doing a Zombie sleeve in my opinion is the freedom I have to express myself. As the subject is crazy, I can just go crazy and everything will be fine.
Working on this devil, I have made sure to get my dark areas in the background to give a morbid mood. Textures in the foreground, but only working on my mid tones in the foreground, controlling my dark in the foreground.

Zombies and devils are very textured creatures. And I love doing textures. It’s fun to keep finding the in and out textures, following the shape of the the subject.
I would like to thanks Max, for this opportunity. And it’s a bonus he’s a really nice and chilled guy, so I’m very happy working with him. 
Sometimes I could say I’m blessed to do what I love, and work with really nice people, it just makes the day seem effortless.

Thank you for reading