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My new inkjecta by Louis


Inkjecta is in my opinion the best tattoo machine in the market. I say this because I have never had a tattoo machine that I could do lining, shading and colour at the same time. I have always worked with coils and rotaries. Coils definitely needs a machine for each purpose, In the other hand, rotaries are good for certain things but not for everything.

With the inkjecta Nani, I can do anything I want while I’m working. It’s extremely easy to manoeuvre your hands while working, the machine is very light. Great for lining, shading and colour.

The only downside to it, if I’m honest, is if you drop the machine. They don’t run as great as. However if you message the inkjecta team, they get back to you straight away, which is great. And I understand if I drop the machine, it won’t work as good, so that’s understandable.

Overall, thanks Inkjecta for doing such a great machine. I think you guys have achieved greatness, and I can’t wait what they come up with next, I’m sure I will buy the next machine they invent, out of curiosity, as I love the inkjecta “nani” so much, I wonder if they make a tattoo machine even better than the “Nani”

Thanks for reading