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Sketch of the day by Louis


Inspired by fantasy movies I watch often, my sketches come out of that inspiration I get from also playing games.

Video Games and movies is where I get my inspiration from nowadays. Movies have CGI so advanced now, its mind blowing. And video games also are in a high level of graphics witch inspires me a lot too.

I love sketching, it’s my freedom zone, where I come out with any idea that comes to my mind. I’ve been sketching a lot recently, I fell now is the time to pick one of the sketches and transform in to a painting.

Thank you for reading.

An investment on education by Louis


Sometimes I love to buy magazines or books about art, It really helps me to keep tuned in, to what’s going on, learn new tips and keep inspired.

Fantasy is my favourite subject, so I try to have information on that field of art, as much as I can. I believe, when you do fantasy art, everything else falls in to place, as it requires high level drawing skills, with movement with the human figure, and a lot of different subject matters I can play with.

With fantasy art there’s no boundaries, so your perception of creation is limitless. I can think about the wildest idea, put it to paper and not be afraid of rules or how others would interpret it.

A lot of Fantasy art magazine and books are publishing about computer games, as the graphic of games now are incredible, there’s nothing in Fantasy not possible to translate to games. I’m considering buying the game Final Fantasy for artistic inspiration, and hopefully it will help with my artistic growth.

I’m really looking forward to grow artistically with this investment I made in art, witch hopefully will make my tattooing move to a better direction with the new ideas I shall have.

Thanks for reading.