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Portrait Tattoo drawing studies

Portrait realism studies.
I’ve always been passionate about tattooing and drawing portraits.
In my opinion, drawing a face is the most fun part of the body to draw. I love tattooing and drawing old faces, as the texture is so vivid. Old people have a lot of story to tell in their faces.
Tattooing a portrait is probably the hardest subject to tattoo. That’s why I like to work on paper, before I attempt the skin.
I have had seminar on portraits by Nikki Hurtado. And I have had online portrait classes, which it divides each section of the human face, and study each part of the face, step by step. That was a very important and perhaps most enjoyable online class I have ever had.
Portraits are very welcome at Familia Tattoo. I’m definitely passionate about it, and will carry on to draw, paint and tattoo portraits.
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Paul Weller Portrait work in progress


I feel very grateful to do a colour portrait, I love doing colour portraits, so I was very happy to get requested to do a portrait of Paul Weller.

Our first step was to find a good picture, my client at first wanted a picture of Paul Weller playing the guitar. The picture was great, however I tried to explain that the more body we used, the less feeling on the face we would get.

So he was great, and agreed with me. Witch I felt very lucky, as sometimes customers choose not to listen to us, witch can get in the way of how good the tattoo will become.

We are currently on our second session, I’m loving it, the picture we choose have a lot of texture and detail on the face, when he agreed with the picture, I was so happy to go ahead.

Sometimes i feel like I have the best job ever, I get to do what I love, and get to meet great people who teach and inspire me.

I’m very exited about doing this colour portrait, and hopefully I will get requested to do more of them.

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Louis Santos