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The table of the greats part-2

Bob Marley

Carrying on from my previous blog. Bob Marley next on my list of the table of the greats. I’ve always had this idea if I could for one night, have a meal with people who inspire me, no family members, only people who are no longer here, but who left a legacy.

Bob Marley was the first 3rd world artist to become world wide known for his music. His spirituality and genuine approach to his music made him someone to never be forgotten. 

Robert Nesta Marley wasn’t always a Rastafarian, when he married Rita Marley, he went to America as a normal Jamaican citizen, and worked in a a car factory in America, until realising what he should be doing was back in Jamaica. He left America to go back home, to then becoming a Rastafarian.

Bob Marley’s first attempt to work with music was a fail. While he was in America still, he got in touch with a musician called “Jimmy Norman” who wrote the lyrics of the song “time is on my side” by the Rolling Stones, and that’s a big success until to this day. When Bob Marley got in touch with Jimmy Norman, they did together a demo tape, and he presented this demo tape to various music labels at the time, and no one paid attention to this demo tape. No music label seemed interested in the project.

After years of work, Bob Marley got a deal not a contract, to go on tour with Jonny Nash in England. Jonny Nash was very successful at the time, so that would help Bob Marley to start his music journey. Bob Marley helped Jonny Nash to make a song for the movie “what’s so much to believe”

When that tour with Bob Marley and Jonny Nash ended in England, Jonny Nash went back to America, and said good bye to Bob Marley. So Bob Marley and his band stayed in England, because they couldn’t afford their ticket back to Jamaica. That was when “The Waillers” got in touch with the businessman called “Chris Blackwell”.

Chris Blackwell, had licensed some of the songs that Bob Marley had done in Jamaica, to be played in England, however the band hadn’t receive any money for that. So they made the most that they were stuck in England and Chris Blackwell owned them money, and they went to see, if they could get Chris Blackwell to give them something from all the songs he had from the band.

Chris Blackwell was intelligent and made an offer that would change Bob Marley’s career forever. He offered 4 thousand pounds for the band and, which back then it was a lot of money, all tickets paid for to go back to Jamaica. He would done that if Bob Marley and The Wailers recorded an album for him. Very intelligent guy, as he could see Bob Marley a already made star. 

Chris Blackwell has lost Jimmy Cliff in his music label company, and thought that Bob Marley would be a good substitute of this void of a star, in his music label.

And that’s when the band went back to Jamaica, and recorded the spectacular album “Catch a fire” The lyrics had a strong political content. This album was released with 2 covers, the first one is very rare to find. That’s when the name Bob Marley and The Wailers came about for the first time.

A lot of people don’t know this but one of the reasons why Bob Marley got so famous was because Eric Clapton, re-recorded one of Bob Marley’s songs “i shot the sheriff, and released in Eric Clapton’s album.

If you would like to know more in details about Bob Marleys life I would recommend a book called “No Woman, No Cry” my life with Bob Marley by Rita Marley. In this book you will have details of Bob Marley’s lifestyle, by someone who knew him like no one, his wife.

Bob Marley is immortal, his songs are always gonna be remembered forever. With his positive lyrics he reached and conquered different cultures all around the globe. I think it would been interesting having a conversation with him. I’ve watched a few interviews with him, and he seemed like not the typical guy you meet everyday. 

It’s sad to see some awesome people have such a short life. But the legacy he has is second to none. He’s known to have 14 kids, that he knows of, he could have more kids out there that he didn’t know of. 

Bob Marley died one year before I was born, it’s almost like I arrived a little too late, but getting to know him through his music has been a blessing to all of us, as an artist he had the ability to create his own world so we could live in it.

Thank you for reading