Sketch book work in progress by Louis Santos


Im currently working on a sketchbook, it has been my dream to do a sketchbook or a book with my drawings for a long time. Finally im putting in to practice, as im more focused on my work than ever before. It is going to take me a long time to get it done, as I dont want to just bash out some quick drawings and publish it. I want to take my time to every single drawing and give my best.

Im also going to publish custom drawings of clients I have worked with in the past, that for whatever reason did not stick throughout the process. Of coarse once I publish the book will be no longer custom. As I give respect to give custom work to clients who stick through the process and get the tattoo finished by me, the design belongs to them for a life time. For me that’s the meaning of custom work, as we tattoo artists who give clients custom work have to draw the tattoo on our personal time. Spending late nights drawing to make sure the client has something original.

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