Reasons why people got tattooed in history

Reasons why people got tattooed in history. 

Believe it or not, getting tattoos is quite a common practice in various cultures throughout history. Today, we get inked due to our personal choice, but back then, tattooing was a cultural practice, a tradition so perhaps people may have to be inked. Some people from many cultures such as Mentawai culture (in Indonesia), Yonkon culture (in Myanmar) and Kayan culture (in Malaysia) still choose to get permanent marks due to their tradition. 

Every tattoo might have a different meaning compared to the others in the same culture but at the same time, they can have similar significance across cultures. In the Middle Kingdom time in Egypt and in Ibaloy culture in Philippine, the process of getting tattoos can be spiritual. It is believed to be a ritual and sometimes the tattoos are secret connections to the past life and their later revivification. Similar tattoo patterns may mean different things in distinct cultures. In Predynastic time in Egypt, having animal tattoos is mainly power-showing. The symbols serve as man’s control over nature. However, in ancient China, similar zoic patterns are documented as a means to resemble wild creatures for hunting purposes in order to survive. 

As we can see, ancient tattoos have many animal motifs and abstract figurines are also evidential though their meanings might not be clear.