Rafa guesting at Familia Tattoo


It was a great experience having our first ever guest artist at Familia Tattoo Leeds. Rafa is currently travelling and guesting at tattoo studios arround the globe. He was in England this month and we were so happy he had the time to visit us. He is originally from Brazil. And he lives in Madrid. We made a good contact, we had the same friends and we didn’t know. He knows someone who has “Victor Portugal” guesting at his studio. So my mind was blown away by the fact that I really want to get tattooed by “Victor Portugal” I was really happy about that. When I get tattooed by Victor it will be a dream come true.

Rafa really got me and Joe out of our comfort zone, witch that’s what we wanted. He works very different than us, so that inspired us with new ideas.

After all we would like to thanks a lot for his visit and hope to have him back one day. Being arround other artists really helps on your artistic growth and self motivation.

We hope to have new tattoo artists visiting our private tattoo studio in Leeds city centre.

L. Santos

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