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Hello everyone, we hope you guys are having a good start of 2018.

We haven’t blogged for a while, we have been doing great at Familia Tattoo, and getting some awesome clients. So it’s from our heart we thanks everyone who supports Familia Tattoo, or even look at our work and check our blog.

In this blog, I would like to mention about a painting class I’m currently studying online.

One of my goals last year was to do oil painting, I feel like I did it. However this year, I’m aiming to study oil painting and progress a bit more.

I believe to practise is a big part of any goal we want to achieve in life, however practising without knowing exactly what you doing, it can be a waste of time. I heard that from an artist online, and it kind of stuck to my head.

So now I’m trying to study a bit more, and I’m finding oil painting a lot more interesting. When you learn new ideas and techniques, it kind of open my brain to a new place I haven’t been before.

Nowadays if you want to learn something you can. Everything is online, and if you have a eager to learn, you will find a way. I hope to continuing progressing and hopefully I will be posting better oil paintings online, for you guys to have a look, and hope you like it.

Thanks for reading, speak again on the next blog.

L. Santos

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