Art book work in progress by Louis

My book work in progress 

This is a new sketch I have been working on. It’s a mermaid coming out of the water. She will be accompanied by a Egyptian lady, who will be surrounded by an Egyptian army.

Eventually the mermaid will be surrounded by under water creatures. I was inspired by the movie “Aquaman” to draw this mermaid.

Today is Sunday, Sunday is a very chilled day, so I will make the most to do a bit of work on my book. Sometimes I find it hard in between having a life, and working on my book. However sometimes I sacrifice having a life to get my book finished. 

I understand I have to get a balance in life. However sometimes, when i need to get something done, I must stop doing other things, in order to achieve those goals.

I was thinking the other day, I must have a reason for doing my book. I believe everything in life you must have a reason for doing it, if not I feel like, it wouldn’t be heart felt. 

Wherever you go, go with all your heart. I love this quote.

The reason why I’m doing my book, is to maybe give the tattoo world a new idea, where art can be taken, I feel like a lot of tattoo artists nowadays are working on photoshop. And duplicating images, which I’m cool about that. However I wish to think outside the box.

 I believe the tattoo world has given me so much over the years, so I think now it’s time to give back. 

So I’m not doing my book for money, as I know once my book is done, it’s gonna get copied and copied. And I don’t mind that, I’m doing this to give, not to receive.

I believe giving is a powerful thing to do. We must learn to do that, more and more. The feeling of giving is one of the best feelings you can have, to be able to help someone and have an impact in their lives.

Thanks for reading our blog, until next time.

The mind set

The mindset of a tattoo artist 

Our mind is the cause of everything that happens around us, so being in a clear and healthy state of mind will dictate the outcome of your tattoo work, or work in life in general.

I had a seminar by an artist called “Alex de Pase” he is an amazing tattoo artist from Italy. Watching his seminar, what most stood out to me, out of all the valuable lessons he was giving away in his speech, was “the better life you have, the better work you are going to do”

The way I translated that to my life was, first of all, look after myself physically. I believe once I take care of my body, doing a sport, or going to the gym, we already put our minds in a better place.

Another way I like to keep well mentally, is to read. Not only about art but about life as well. Reading has a valuable outcome which is inspiration and knowledge. New ideas becomes more natural after being inspired by a book.

At last I like to worry as less as possible, and focus on what I want. Instead of worrying what other people been saying about me, or what other people mite think about me. All that’s non sense, and if I learn how to erase all that, it’s a lot easier to stay on your path as an artist.

Thanks for reading our blog.

Until next time.

Louis Santos

An investment on education and inspiration

An investment in education and inspiration 

Thanks for reading our blog. It’s a good to way to get to know what’s going on in our Leeds Tattoo studio.

We are currently building our art gallery, however I will keep a separate blog for that subject.

In this blog I would like to talk about the importance of inspiration and education as a tattoo artist.

We are human beings with emotions, and our emotions can go up and down from one day to another. However with education and inspiration is easier to keep on focused on our journey as an artist.

Nowadays with the access to internet that we have, it’s a lot easier to find online classes and access information which will inspire and guide us as artists.

Watching videos, buying DVDs reading books and magazines about art, it’s a way I find useful to progress, inspire and open my mind about art.

Reading and studying keeps our mind strong, to keep on going on our journey as artists. And not matter what comes in our way, we are going to not deviate from our path, and not let anyone who comes in our way, take away our inspiration and motivation.

That’s one of the biggest lessons I have taken as an artist. 

Keep on track


L. Santos

A balance in life as a tattoo artist

The balance in life

First thanks for reading our blog. It’s a good way to keep updated with what’s been going on behind the scenes in our new tattoo studio in Leeds city centre.

In this blog, I would like to talk about the importance of having a balance in life.

We have just opened our new studio, so we are very busy trying to build our art gallery. The walls in our new studio are quiet high, and white. So we have space to fill the walls with a lot of art work, and the art work will pop out a lot due to the walls being white.

As busy as we are in the studio, I managed to have a week off and go to Ibiza, for a relaxing holiday. 

While I was in Ibiza, I tried to get a good balance in life. So I relaxed, read some books, did some drawing, exercised, and at last I had a night out.

As an artist having a good balance in everything you do is very important. Over doing certain aspects of your life, only creates an unbalanced unhealthy life. 

Having a balance in my life, was a tough lesson for me to learn. As I always put my work before myself. Where now, I look after myself before I focus on my work. We need to have a self respect for ourselves, for our mind and body. In order to benefit from our bodies and mind, we must not abuse it and give it a rest.

Now I have recharged my batteries, I feel ready to go back to work and give my best to my customers.

We are taking step by step in our new studio, leaving it it to flow as a natural process. Slowly building our art gallery.

Tank you for reading

Full back Fantasy dragon by Louis

We are on our last stages on Dave’s full back fantasy dragon. It has taken us years to complete it.

Having faith in the process, is a big part of going for a big scale of work. Dave have no worries with the process. Such a nice and chilled guy, I couldn’t ask for more from him really.

I love doing Fantasy tattoos, as I’m a big fan of games and movies with CGI. When Dave asked me for a full back tattoo fantasy dragon, I was over the moon.

We are very exited about our new studio. As we are trying to make an art gallery too. So in the process of doing a lot of big prints at the moment.

Hopefully when the art gallery is ready, we  going to do an opening party to open the studio officially.

Thanks for reading our blog, is an online journal, where you can see what’s going on behind the scenes with Familia Tattoo.

Zombie Sleeve Consultation

Zombie sleeve consultation 

Thanks for reading our blog. Familia Tattoo Leeds blog, is a online jornal, where we can update what’s been going on in the studio. 

In this blog I would like to mention how exited I’m to start on this crazy zombie sleeve.

The customer wants a pretty off the wall sleeve, really twisted, scary, and the best of all, he’s giving me a lot of freedom to do whatever I like to it. 

I don’t expect every client to let me do anything I want to their tattoo, I respect every request I get, and try to work with the customers idea.

However with this zombie sleeve, as It’s so dark and crazy, in order to make it crazy, a bit of freedom really helps.

I’m a fan of dark and pretty art. I like to tattoo really pretty flowers, angels and really nice subtle subjects. And some days, I like to go to scary, dark and moody skulls, zombies and horror stuff.

With this large contrast, everyday becomes exited to me. And I love having a different day everyday. 

If I tattooed scary art everyday, it would become boring, same to pretty tattoos and art everyday, it wouldn’t be as exiting as having a diverse choice of styles.

Everybody sees styles in a different way, and what’s scary for some people, mite be beautiful to others.

Thanks for reading, and until our next blog.


Louis Santos

Consultation time by Louis

Consultation time by Louis

Thanks for reading our blog, familia tattoo blog is a way to follow what’s been going on behind the scene in our studio and our lives.

Max emailed me about a cover-up on his arm. He’s from Scotland and has been living in Leeds for a few years now.

He mentioned he was looking for a tattoo studio in Leeds. I’m glad and grateful he choose us to work on his cover-up, as i enjoy doing cover-up tattoos.

Every consultation, I use my iPad Pro. I take a picture of the clients part of the body, in this case Max wanted to get his half sleeve tattoo covered.

I get all the ideas my customer have, ask them to send it over to me. And do a photo mix on photoshop, so they have a taste of how their tattoo could look like.

This process, allows the client to come out of the consultation with something to look at. Making it worth coming to see me, and exiting the customer about what’s about to happen.

Kind Regards

L. Santos

Looking after yourself in order to do better work

Keeping focused as a tattoo artist in Leeds, and looking after yourself.

Tattooing is a job that we love and live for, and perhaps we live,and love it so much, that we forget to look after ourselves sometimes.

Putting ourselves first as artists and having a self respect for yourself, is the beginning of a successful career. As without ourselves, we can’t have our bodies and mind to do what we love, which is tattooing painting and drawing.

I used to put tattooing and art before my body. But then I learned that without my body being fit and in shape, I couldn’t concentrate properly, and I didn’t have much energy to paint and draw.

The better you are physically the better you will perform at work, regardless of what you do for a job. 

I try to have a walk everyday to the bus stop, a longer walk than needed, to stretch my legs, as I’m gonna be sat down for at least 3-6 hours. I try to exercise in my flat before going to work, specially stretching everyday is really important.

I remember once, I stopped exercising for a bit. And I got a really bad back and wrist. Being a tattoo artist is more of a physical job than a lot of people think. As we have to stretch our customers body, so the ink goes in solid, if that’s not done in the right position, and in the right way, it can affect your back really bad.

So as a tattoo artist, is important to look after yourself physically and mentally everyday. To be able to do the best you can, before you tattoo someone.

Best Regards 

L. Santos

Familia Tattoo News

Hello everyone,

First thanks for reading Familia Tattoo Blog. We have a very exiting news to give you guys.

We are in process of opening a new studio in Leeds City Centre. We are going to be in a better location than before. We are moving from 7 call lane, to 22 King Charles Street.

We are going to be in between “PC World” and “The Core” 

We are probably going to be the most central tattoo studio in Leeds. Really looking forward to our new journey. We are going to have our own toilets and entrance, which we didn’t have it before.

We are really exited, and we will keep posting here on the website, instagram and Facebook, new images about our new studio.

Thanks for reading and see you in our new studio!


L. Santos

Full back Fantasy Tattoo at Familia Tattoo Leeds

Full back Tattoo work in progress at Familia Tattoo Leeds

I love doing full back Tattoos, it’s the largest canvas in the human body. Doing a full back tattoo in my opinion also has to do with the opportunity to do a full back tattoo.

When I get the opportunity to do a full back tattoo, I feel truly blessed, and try to give my best, as it could be the last opportunity in my career, to be doing this subject as a full back piece of art.

When I get asked to do a full back tattoo, first I arrange a consultation. A lot of planning is involved, so I do a small sketch so the client gets a taste of what’s going to happen.

I’m a big fan of fantasy tattoos, so when Jason asked me to do a full back tattoo fantasy style, I was over the moon.

His tattoo represents, a very confident women warrior, holding an axe. She’s stood still very relaxed and confident, as the dragon is coming from the background, she’s not to panic, and stands still with no reaction, pretty sure of herself. 

what’s inside the women warrior, her opinion and believes are clearer and louder, than what’s going on the outside.

I can’t wait to take a picture of the final result, keep an eye on the website, for the final picture.

Thanks for reading