My book, work in progress, by Louis


The progress of my book is currently on the way. To stick to one idea for a very long time, is really hard, as we change our mind, as we go about in life, sometimes I feel like changing the concept or the first idea I had, however is important to keep to the foundation idea, so the book makes sense when people look at it.

I’m very inspired by artists who make video games, because they usually take a couple of years to complete their work on one title. Games like “God of War” took at least 4-5 years to make. It’s a lot of work involved, and keeping the endurance to complete such a large project is not easy. As we live in the age of distraction, internet, iPads can be a big distraction. However I have some tricks to keep focused.

One of my tricks is to turn the tv off. I know it sounds funny, but if you are trying to get a book done, or a video game done, it’s important to get rid of distractions. Or even turning my phone off, that really helps too.

Little changes like that, can add tremendous time to what you trying to achieve. And help you to get things done, instead of just having ideas of never finished projects.

The hardest thing I find, not to get distracted by is playing video games. As I love playing video games, and I feel like it’s an artistic lesson, the graphics nowadays are really awesome. So I try to play a game from time to time,to refresh my mind and give me new ideas about art. Even playing games sometimes gets out of the list of things to do, when I’m trying to get a drawing done for my book.

I do a page, which it takes me up to a month, then I take a brake, doing some painting, to keep the variation on how I approach my art, if I draw all the time, as much as I love it, it gets a bit overwhelming, when I just use one medium. I love to jump from medium to medium to keep fresh and exited about picking up a new tool, like pencil, brush and iPad, digital art and traditional art are the two mediums I use.

I hope to achieve my project, I’m in a good position in my life, where I got rid of most of my distractions in my personal life, now it’s up to me to jump on the drawing table and enjoy myself.

I will keep posting updates about my book, hope you enjoy this picture, thank you for looking.

All the best!

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