Judge Dreed, and my first comic experience!


I can remember my first experience with comics. Art came about in my life in a comic form. I remember the first comic drawing I ever saw. It was a drawing of Conan the barbarian.

I was a kid in the 80’s in the warm and dangerous streets of Brazil. I used to walk with my gramma to buy bread once a week. Arriving at the food store, after shopping, we ended at the check out, and there was a man stood, with a few sketches on his counter, he must got bored sometimes and started sketching. That’s when I saw the drawing/ sketch of Conan.

I must been about 6-7 years old. And I remember clear as a day light. I grabbed my grammas hand and shouted… look gramma! Look! Pointing at the drawing. And the guy started laughing of how excited I was because I saw the sketch, he passed it over to me. And I was so impressed with how good the drawing was. As a kid, it seemed like the coolest drawing ever.

While my gramma got the shopping thought the check out, I couldn’t stop staring at the drawing, I felt so overwhelmed by it. And as I realised my time looking at it was over, as my gramma called me to keep walking, as she was done with the shopping, I asked the man in the counter, if I could keep the drawing and he said no. My gramma asked me to give him back the paper and I was so sad I couldn’t take it home with me. However that sketch was strong in my mind.

As soon as I got home. I wanted to draw and emulate the sketch I saw. As a 7 years old kid, I thought I could do that drawing no problem. And as soon as I started drawing I slowly realised my drawing wasn’t as good as the man in the counter at the food store.

I run over to my gramma and asked, gramma… how come my drawing is not as good as his? And she calmly replied, he is a lot older than you, so he’s been practicing it longer. At that moment I just wanted to be an adult then, just to be able to draw like he did.

So yeah, that was my first experience and appreciation with art. As I’m older now, I can tell that sketch I saw of Conan, was a copy of Frank Frazetta’s amazing work. His a true legend of fantasy art.

Thank you for reading.

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