Is it important to draw as a tattoo artist?

Is it important to draw as a tattoo artist?

Hello everyone! thanks for looking at our blog. In this blog I would like to talk about a interesting topic which is, is it important to draw as a tattoo artist? The reason why I had the idea to do this blog, is because a lot of tattoo artist nowadays don’t draw. And when I was taught to tattoo, I learned that drawing is one of the most important things you can do, to develop artistically. So why did the tattoo world stop drawing? Some tattoo artists still draw, but a majority of young kids coming up to be tattoo artists, a lot of them, do not draw, perhaps they are not interested, or they simply do not believe it’s necessary. That’s a topic I would like to discuss in this blog.

The word “tattoo artist” means, someone who’s a tattooist, who tattoos someone, combined with someone who is an artist. So the definition is a person who tattoos someone artistically. 

The foundation of art is always the drawing. The platform of art could vary, as video-games, painting, sculpting, graffiti. It doesn’t matter which type of art it is, the foundation of art, it’s always the drawing. Drawing is the foundation of all art, and without that foundation, your art will fall short. It’s like building a house without a strong foundation, it will fall eventually.

However nowadays we have technology, and that technology, will take over a lot of work previously done by the human hand. Digital painting is a good example. And Photoshop.

I love digital painting, it’s very convenient, fast and practical. However the down side to it, is as much as technology advances and try to replicate the sensitive touch of a digital pen going on the screen, and it’s so sensitive that it feels like it’s a real pen and a real paper, it will never be the same, as the machine takes over the human hand. So a tradicional drawing or painting, is always gonna feel more human and soulful than a digital paint or drawing.

Nowadays with the technology, tattoo artists are able to get an image online, and apply it on skin, already ready from the stencil machine. So it takes away, all the work we had to draw and stencil by hand before. I completely understand in realism you have to take the foundation of a realistic image, in order to be realistic, however without the ability of drawing, your image will look very static. If you notice a lot of realistic tattoos looks very good, it looks very realistic, however it looks very static. And the reason why is, the tattooist mix match a few images on photoshop, and is able to stencil on skin through a machine, and that’s it, the rest is technical ability. So if there is no drawing in the process, you are going to be very limited with the reference

Drawing and being an artist, you are able to push the boundaries a bit further. Your tattoo will look more artistic and unique, as the artist is able to do more than just a reference.  Being a tattoo artist who doesn’t draw, you will get away with static well applied stickers. However tattooing is not just about that. Tattooing has a lot involved and a lot to consider. Tattooing is not just about technical abilities, if a tattooist does not draw, it will be days, where they have to do a full sleeve, or a piece flowing from chest to the arm, and there’s something to consider, that only comes with the practise of drawing, which it will result with the knowledge of proportion. Without the understanding of proportion, a tattooist who can not draw will struggle or not be able to make a tattoo flow from one part of the body to another proportionally. 

A tattooist who is not interested in drawing, which is the foundation of all art, will be lost when they loose the stencil during the tattoo process. However I know some tattooists do everything not to loose the stencil, as they know if they loose it, they are in trouble, because they are unable to replicate the image they are applying on skin. I have lost my stencils so many times during a tattoo process, however, it was my ability to draw that made me get things back together, as when you are tattooing you are still drawing. 

So that’s my idea about why is so important to draw. I believe if you draw, your capabilities and possibilities are limitless, and you always can progress yourself artistically, and become a true tattoo artist.