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A Traditional Painting Phase

Tradicional painting and listening to meditation music

One of my favourite things to do lately is to do tradicional painting, and listen to meditation music. I could spent all day doing that, I find it really relaxing. I go into a trance and I feel like I’m in a different place.

I’m really starting to listen to my intuition lately. However, to achieve that, meditation is required. We all know that our intuition is what we should follow, we all have the power of intuition, however we are still learning how to truly follow it. And the more you learn how to follow your intuition, the more satisfied you will be with your life, and your life will become more clear, in place and in peace.

I have multiple mediums available at home, and the reason why is because I never get bored of doing art. Sometimes I do watercolours, acrylic, pencil, digital drawing and painting. All these becomes fresh and exiting. Doing one medium for too long can be quiet repetitive, and a good balance in life will make life more interesting and exiting.

I love all diferente mediums, I believe, every medium has ups and downs, like everything in life. However the beauty of having different mediums is that you can mix them, and really have fun with that. I love to mix acrylic with oil.

The reason why I love to mix acrylic with oil is that, you can apply a thick under paint with acrylic, a very basic strong layer of foundation, as Acrylic dries so fast, which is one of the benefit it has to offer, I can go over with oils, which it will give more of a glaze feel to it, which is the opposition of acrylic, it’s like waxing a brand new car.

If you are an artist and you haven’t tried these two mediums I would highly recommend it. With painting we all know we need multiple layers to achieve the outcome with want. And we need a strong foundation of painting to keep the other layers going. So that’s why I believe acrylics really gives you that strong foundation layer that you need to keep the painting going with multiple layers.

In the end I would like to mention my favourite artists who inspire me to paint, inspiration is very important, so I keep an eye on these guys websites or instagram. I love to look at the work of Boris Vallejo, Lúcio Parrillo, Alex Ross, Donato Giancola. That’s just a few, there’s a lot more.

This blog was about what I’ve been up to, I’m gonna try to post more content like this, just letting you guys know what I’m up to. Sometimes I’m a quiet deep person, but sometimes is good to keep it simple.

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I want my tattoo now

I Want My Tattoo Now


Thanks for reading our blog, it’s a good way to get to know what we have been up to behind the scenes, in our tattoo studio in Leeds City Centre.

I had the idea to do this blog, due to the amount of customers who request for a tattoo, and they want it now. And when you say you have a waiting list, they get disappointed about the fact that they have to wait a few weeks, or a few months for their tattoo to be done.

A very few clients truly understand about tattooing or tattoos. I have been tattooing for 13 years, and I could count with my hands, how many clients actually seemed happy that I had a waiting list. One cliente once said to me, I would be worried if you didn’t have a waiting list. Clients like that have an understanding that, anybody who’s a decent artist, someone who cares about what they do, will have a waiting list.

Some clients don’t understand that. As tattoo artists we have to take care of what we are doing everyday. And in order to do things properly, we can not tattoo 5 people in one day. I have worked in studios where, the busiest the studio was, the quicker the tattoo artist worked. Would you like to get tattooed by someone who thinks like that? Just imagine walking in to a tattoo studio, and by chance a few other clients also wanted to get tattooed that day, and each one of the clients have their tattoo rushed, because that tattoo artist is trying to get it done as fast as possible, as they are trying to get as many people in as possible to make as much money as possible.

One thing I’m sure is, It doesn’t matter how good of an artist you are, or you may think you are, if you rush your work, you will not deliver a quality stand of work every single time. I have worked with amazing artists, and they used to rush their work to make money, and sometimes I looked at their tattoos, and it didn’t look like they did it, because it was so rushed.

So when someone has a waiting list, it means they take care of every client they have everyday, they give their attention to one or 2 tattoos per day, trying their best at every piece they approach. Working with this frame of mind, you are reaping what you sow, instead of cashing in as much money as you can everyday.

When you try to do things properly, you have to organise what you do, plan your day ahead, for a better outcome in your work. You have to look after yourself physically and mentally in order to deliver the best you can to your client.

So which tattoo artist would you prefer to get tattooed by? The one who fits as many clients as they can everyday? Or the one who fits less clients everyday in order to do better tattoos?

I find it astonishing, how many clients do not want to wait for their tattoo, for something that’s gonna be on their body for the rest of their life. What’s a month or 2 for something that you want it done properly from someone who cares about what they do.

I guarantee you, some tattoo artists, they don’t give a dawn about you, all they want is to get you out of the chair as soon as possible, so they can get richer as soon as possible. It’s all about the money nowadays. It’s rare when a tattoo artist understand that it’s their passion for what they do, that will bring clients to them. And it’s a very few clients who understand that tattooing is not like going shopping to buy clothes, or purchasing a tv or a fridge. A very few clients understand that every artist has a different style, and each style will make their tattoo look so different.

So if you like someone’s work, it doesn’t matter how long you have to wait for, as I’m sure time goes so quick nowadays, and a few months will pass by, like a blink of an eye, and you are going to be tattooed by someone who you love their work, and not because they can fit you in earlier.

Your body is more valuable than getting tattooed by someone because they are not busy. If an artist doesn’t have a waiting list, someone with a common sense would question why. 

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Creativity starts with Health

Louis Santos Personal Blog

Creativity starts with Health

As you get older, your body become less tolerant to lack of sleeping, bad diet and ignoring exercise and looking after your health in general.

After 35 years old, your body has less energy. So after reaching 35 years of age, I started to notice I needed to rest more, and in consequence, I had less time to do my art and be creative.

That was a sad news for me, as I always wanted to be as creative as possible. If I could carry on drawing and painting all night I would love to do it, however we must sleep, in order to have energy, so I must sleep for my health also.

So after not having as much energy to work, and not putting as much time to my art as I wished. I started looking at alternatives to look after my body and my mind, in order to have more energy.

When we are young, we automatically have extra energy, however when we get older, we have to create energy in our bodies. I would like to share my methods of creating energy in my body, in order to be more creative and enjoy my art as much as o can.

Morning Stretch- While we sleep, our muscles also sleeps with us. So I have a few yoga videos saved on my playlist, and do a quick morning stretch. It makes you feel so much better. Specially spending all day sat in a chair, you must contradict that time where your body is still while tattooing.

Exercise- Our bodies are made to move. If you like it or not, our bodies are not made to be static. I know a lot of people say, ah I can’t be bothered exercising. I’m not a big fan of exercising too, however in life we can’t always just do what we want all the time, or eat what we want. Actually you can, however you would reach a very unbalanced state in your life. I exercise for my health, it’s not everyday that I feel like exercising. However, dedication also means, doing things you don’t always feel like doing sometimes. I try to find a way to keep a balance in between going to the gym, going to the park. So it doesn’t get too boring and get out of a routine a little. 

Eating well- Food should be a choice not a religion. I try to eat as well as I can, I believe if you eat cheap today, one day you will pay back in medicine. I understand sometimes we have to eat junk food. However there’s a difference in between having a salad once a week, and having a salad 4-5 times a week. I’m not a big fan of salad, however I eat for my well being. Eating well, it increases your concentration level. I highly recommend a hot cup of water with Lemmon, spinach on your salad, green tea everyday. Yam is an amazing potato, it makes your bones stronger, it rejuvenates you, it’s good for your blood and many things. If you have a Yam in the morning, you are not gonna need your cup of coffee. I love Yam. 

Lennox Lewis the heavy weight boxer, he had Yam before he knocked out Mike Tyson, he mentioned in a interview.

Meditation- Meditation means literally, switching off your brain. I know a lot of people think… well i can’t do that. The reason why you can’t do that, is because your mind has been distracted for a long time. Your brain is like a muscle, so it won’t just shut up as soon as you ask to do so. It becomes quiet with practise and endurance. Not everyday you will find easy to meditate, specially in those days where your mind is busy with loads of issues, that’s why I choose to meditate in the morning. Anyhow, meditation helps you to make decisions, fell more relaxed and have a better sense of direction in life, and it increases your concentration level.

-Minimise and cut down stimulants 

Stimulants are something that messes with our nerve system. I have a auntie who has smoked and drank alcohol heavily all her life, and she hardly can sign her signature on a paper, due to her hand shake. So how are we gonna be able to hold a tattoo machine in the future if we abuse drugs and alcohol. I’m not saying I’m against alcohol, I have a glass of red wine sometimes, however the more stimulants your body gets used to, the more you are gonna need to be calm. 

Needing a stimulant everyday, your body will not operate in a normal or higher level. Your body and brain will become dependent, and so on you will only enjoy life with that stimulant present on your body. 

I truly believe everything in life has a price, so if you excessively drink, smoke or take any kind of drug, you will pay for it one day. You will become unbalanced, and when things go wrong in life, you won’t be still as you need to be, your nervous system will take over, and your brain will not be able to function clear. That’s why our drug should be natural, meditation, positive mind set, eating well. All these things makes your feel so much better, and they are natural stimulants made by the earth.

Earth has provided all we need to live well, and it’s our choice to make the most of it. Instead of choosing man made stimulants, that gives us short term pleasure, and no long term gratification.

Long term gratification also comes from inside of us. A lot of people seek happiness on other people. We should be complete as a whole, and not present ourselves as a half human who needs another half in order to be completed. We are a full being, enlightened and with a lot of pretentious to be fulfilled internally, other people can contribute towards our fulfilment, however they are not responsible for it.

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My Largest Painting Project so far

Hello everyone,

Hope everyone is keeping safe in this quarantine.

In this blog, I would like to speak about this large paint project I’m working on.

I started with A4 size for oil painting, I believe in walking before you can run. I planned to really know what I was doing, before I attempted a large canvas.

I have a book on illustration, by Boris Vallejo. A true master of fantasy art. And in his book of drawings, he mentions that “an artist should not attempt to draw, unless he develops completely control of their drawing skills”

I completely understood what Boris was trying to say. He was trying to say, an artist who attempts to paint without practise drawing first, the paint will not look in proportion”

I was studying oil painting when I heard this quote by Boris Vallejo. And I put my books to one side, and only focused on my drawings. And that was around 8 years ago. Only now, I’m going for my oil painting.

I believe Boris Vallejo was right. I see a lot of artists attempting large oil paintings, and the foundation of the painting “the drawing” is not as strong as it could be.

I understand art should be free. However I follow Boris Vallejo’s philosophy, as it’s very rare when I can see an oil painter to his level. He has achieve artistically, what I believe not many will achieve.

As art means, arse in the chair! And not every artist will put their arse in the chair when they are having a bad day. Or because it’s Sunday, it’s sunny. To achieve Boris artistic level, you have to get your arse in the chair under any circumstances, that’s what’s gonna differentiate your skills to the rest of the field.

Thanks for reading!

The Masters of the Universe

The Masters of the Universe Project 


Thanks for reading our blog, it’s a good way to get to know what we have been up to behind the scenes, in our tattoo studio in Leeds City Centre.

In this blog I would like to talk about a digital painting work in progress I have, of probably my favourite cartoon animation of all time, which is He-man the masters of the universe.

As an 80’s kid, it was truly staggering to see one of the greatest animations ever made such as, He-Man, Thundercats, Dungeon and Dragons and The X-men.

I’m grateful to have been a kid in the 80’s and 90’s and experience all this awesome movies and cartoons. What a great era for creation, of movies and cartoons. I can mention a few of my favourites, Robocop, Predator, Back to the future, Rambo, Masters of the Universe, Labyrinth, Batman and so on. I’m sure I haven’t mentioned a few. 

I have heard that they are making a new series of Masters of the Universe. And that got me really exited, as it would be a real dream come true, to be able to see a movie based on my favourite cartoon as a kid.

I believe with the technology they have nowadays, CGI, they would be able to make justice, to translate to a movie all the magic the cartoon endured. Standards that the first making of Masters of the Universe didn’t achieve, due to the lack of technology. 

The very first Masters of the Universe movie was released in 1987, I was only 5 years old. I remember going to the cinema various times to watch it. And when it came out on cassette tapes, before dvds, I think I must watched it over 15 times.

He-man the masters of the Universe movie, is one of those movies made in the 80’s, that when I watch it nowadays, I still enjoy it just as much as when I watched it in the 80’s.

To be an artist, maintaining the child inside of you, is what gives you a fire under your butt, and inspire you to do art. I’m pretty much still like a kid in my head, and I hope to keep like that for many years to come. And get exited about watching fantasy movies and cartoons, and feel motivated to sit on the chair and translate my experience to a paper or a canvas.

Thanks for reading our blog

A change of plan to a Japanese Sleeve by Louis Santos

A change of plan to a Japanese Sleeve by Louis Santos 

Hello everyone,

In this blog I would like to speak about Bens sleeve work in progress. 

I got a phone call from Ben, requesting for a cover-up on his whole arm, I was surprised when he requested me to black out his arm, as he thought there was no way to fix his arm. He had visited many studios, and apparently all the studios visited by him mentioned a cover-up was not possible, and the only way around would be to black out his whole arm.

All this conversation was over the phone. And usually with a situation to this level, I would say sorry we don’t black out peoples arm. But I tried to convince Ben to come in to the studio, and let me have a look at his sleeve. I remember him repeating on the phone “honestly, it’s really bad” So I really thought it was gonna be so bad, that I would not be able to cover it with an normal image.

Few days went by and Ben came in to the studio for a consultation. As soon as he showed me his arm, I thought… that’s not as bad as I thought. And I knew he didn’t have to black his arm out. However I thought, If he was gonna be ok with the possibility of not blacking his arm out, as he already had the idea of doing so.

I mentioned about the possibility of not blacking his arm out, and he seemed surprised, as I was the only tattoo artist he had visited who had mentioned about this possibility. After the shock, he kind of started asking which options he had.

I introduced the possibility of turning his arm in to Japanese sleeve, and he considered the suggestion. We started to look at Japanese images, he seemed to like the Coy Carp’s, Lotus Flowers, and Japanese Phoenix. I thought… great! He was open minded, and ready to accept to look outside the box, and consider a better way to solve his problem.

We have so far worked on 2 sessions on Bens sleeve, I’m really enjoying having him, and free handing every Japanese theme on his arm he requests.

The reason why I chose to share this experience with Ben, was because I wanted to let everyone know how being open minded, and willing to think outside the box, and change your mind about your first idea, it could really help to achieve, the best and most effective outcome of your tattoo. 

Sometimes some clients are quiet stubborn, and don’t want to really listen to the artist. We have to listen to the client too, however what a few clients don’t realise is that, we want to do our best for them. However sometimes, some clients are not willing to listen to our advice, and the tattoo outcome is not the best as it could be, due to a lack of thinking outside the box and being open minded.

Thanks for reading our blog. And a big thanks to Ben for listening to me.

Thanks for reading and Thanks to Ben for listening to me.

Corona Virus and Tattooing

Corona Virus and Tattooing 


Thanks for reading our blog, it’s a good way to get to know what we have been up to behind the scenes, in our tattoo studio in Leeds City Centre.

In this blog, I would like to talk about the Corona Virus and how it has affected tattooing and the world.

As everyone knows, Corona Virus has taken the world in a way nothing have before. It started kicking in when I was still in Brazil, on my holidays. When I was in Brazil there were no cases yet, so I could I enjoyed my holiday in peace.

When I came back from my holiday, I had nothing in my mind but work hard as I could, as i had two weeks off. I was well rested and ready to get back on track and work, then when I came back to England, things just got from bad to worse. Then we had to shut the studio down for 3 weeks.

When tattooing we are opening people’s skin open. And having immediate contact with the client. Corona vírus can be transmitted by just touching the person I heard. So we did work for a bit, but we have decided to shut the studio down for 3 weeks, and have no contact with our clients whatsoever.

I think this virus is gonna change the world. It already has, we haven’t been through something like that in our life time, being world wide affected in a large scale like that, not in my life time I haven’t seen it anyway. 

I think we mite be going back to basics for a long time, we are gonna have to live simple and humble until we recover from stoping working for so long. 

I believe all this epidemic is gonna have a positive point to it. I’m already studying art and working on projects I had in my mind but had no much time to act on it due to lack of time and energy, after a full day tattooing for 6-8 hours, it’s hard to go home and spend the rest of the night painting.

Now I’m staying at home, I’m getting a few paintings ideas on the board and making it happen. I’m gonna be posting my painting on my next blog.

I just hope we all get out of this safe and carry on with our lives, now we are realising how much freedom we had, and how much we could do, we used to complain about little things in life, and we had the freedom to go wherever we wanted, now we have to stay at home and have faith that this is gonna get solved.

I’m pretty sure everything will be ok, I have faith we will get back to normal. 

Stay Home-Stay Safe!!


Familia Tattoo

Zeus god of Thunder

Zeus god of Thunder

Zeus is the sky and thunder god in ancient Greek religion, who rules as king of the gods of Mount Olympus. His name is cognate with the first element of his Roman equivalent Jupiter. … Zeus‘ symbols are the thunderbolt, eagle, bull, and oak.

Getting the opportunity to tattoo a Zeus the god of thunder is getting the opportunity to do a piece of art. So it should definitely not taken for granted. 

The request for this Zeus god of thunder was made with Zeus holding a snake, which it made me even more exited about it. Sometimes clients have an awesome idea. Sometimes I try to move them in a better direction, trying to do the best I can if the allow me. However sometime their idea is so awesome, that I don’t feel like I need to interfere much with the idea.

As a tattoo artist sometimes is a matter of getting the balance right in between listening to your client and give them what they want, and be honest with them about their idea, and try to move the client in a different direction in order to try to give them a better outcome.

Geek gods are for sure in the top 5 of my favourite subjects to tattoo. For sure I don’t just do the tattoo, I put a lot of thought and love to it. I feel like if I tattooed 10 Zeus god of thunder, I would be exited about doing every single one of them, trying to approach each one of them in a different way.

I have heard sine tattoo artists saying, I’m sick of doing “lions” and sick of doing “clocks” however I feel like it’s a lack of creativity, as every lion you approach as an artist, or every clock you approach as an artist, using your creativity and intelligence, you could do them in a different and exiting way, every time you approach it.

One of the best lessons I have ever had in art. It was in a podcast by an amazing artist called “John Park” he has worked in games like “Halo” movies like “Avatar 2” he has worked on a lot of big movies and video games. 

In the end of the pod cast, he mentioned something that really caught my attention. He said “your art is not gonna get better with time, it has to get better with how you approach, it and your attitude towards it”

I found these words very true. As some artists complain that they are tattooing loads of lions, however they are not producing the best lions. So they could try to approach in a better way every time they have the opportunity to do a lion.

Thanks for reading our blog.

Getting tattooed by Victor Portugal part-3

So going from discussing with Victor about what to do on my neck. He wanted to do a mask instead of a face. 

I felt like my plans, I had worked on previously, didn’t work, and I was even considering getting another part of my body tattooed, like my leg.

But then I thought. I’ve been looking forward so much to get tattooed by Victor, I’ve waited years until it was right, I crossed rivers to meet him. I came to the conclusion I had to trust his work and let him get on with it.

He left the room, and brought me an image of an mask, I thought just let him crack on with it, I’m gonna have to trust the master.

As he started the tattoo, I could see how painful it was going to be. I was like, oh god I have 2 days of this. It was almost a payback for all the pain I give to customers everyday and I can’t feel it.

Getting my neck and my head tattooed over 2 full days, it made me learn a lot about how much I should look after the client while tattooing them.

As a tattoo artist, if you don’t get tattooed often, you will forget how much it hurts, and as a consequence your client will not last as long as it should.

It was more painful than I thought it was gonna be. Before I was about to travel to Poland, I got myself ready mentally and physically for the tattoo session ahead. I thought I would meditate while I’m there and everything would be ok. However to be honest, none of my plans worked once I was under the needle of Victor Portugal.

When you get your head tattooed, you can not get away from it, feeling the vibration surrounding your head, there’s no scape from what’s happening. So I had to accept that I had to go through the consequences of getting my neck and head tattooed.

On my first session, I was under so much pain, that Victor recommended me to take some pain killers on the second day. 

I was against clients taking pain killers before and during getting tattooed, however after my experience, I recommend anyone to take pain killers before getting tattooed. I’m not saying it will take away all the pain, but it will help you throughout the tattoo session.

One thing I learned while getting tattooed by Victor, is how much what you say to your client helps them to cope being under the needle for so long.

On the second day, I was taking pain killers, and my heart was palpitating faster than usual. And to make things better, I heard Victor saying in Spanish to his working colleague, that one of his friends was tattooing this guy, and the client had a heart attack and died. That was a true story. 

So I’m sat in the chair listening to this story, and I was like all my god, I’m gonna have a heart attack, I’m gonna die! I know it was psychological but when you are under the same situation, it gets to your head.

So I learned to say positive things while you are tattooing someone. As everything you say it will be printed in their consciousness and it could affect your client positively or negatively.

Anyhow, when my tattoo was done I was very happy with the outcome. Victor Portugal did not disappoint with his work, he’s very skilful and talented. I was glad when it was done, it was worth all the pain, and all the money I had spent. 

I think when you want to get tattooed by someone, and want their style on you for the rest of your life. Money should not be a problem and how long you have to wait. I paid 2000 euros for my tattoo, and I think it was all worth the money, as I have an amazing piece of art with me for a life time.

Thank you Victor for my amazing tattoo. For sure I will be back.

Thank you for reading 

Olinda Brazil

My trip to Brazil


Thanks for reading our blog, it’s a good way to get to know what we have been up to behind the scenes, in our tattoo studio in Leeds City Centre.

I’m so grateful to have had the opportunity to go to Brazil.

Every time I get over there, it’s a mixture of emotions. I get to see my family, and my childhood friends. My mind runs back 20 years earlier, memories of my childhood and teenage years are still pretty much vivid in my memory.

I was born in a town called Olinda, greater Recife. Which it was colonised by the Portuguese. Other countries tried to invade Olinda, and take the town of the Portuguese colony. 

The Dutch actually succeeded in invading Olinda, however they were soon kicked out by a fire caused on purpose to get them out of Olinda.

Olinda is well known for its famous carnival. The 3 best carnivals in Brazil are, Rio de Janeiro, Bahia-Salvador and Olinda.

It’s a big discussion, of when Brazil was discovered, if it was discovered in Olinda or Bahia. I’m not sure which one it was. However I have been to Salvador Bahia, and over there they truly believe, Bahia was the birth was Brazil. However Olinda citizens, have also the same belief that Olinda is the birth of Brazil. So I’m not sure which town should get the credit for it.

Olinda is a place full of culture, the culture over there is probably the strongest point of Olinda. It has a culture that is very unique. We have a type of music called “frevo”. Frevo is a very unique carnival type of dance. I would recommend checking it on YouTube. And also “Maracatu” it’s one sort of music which I love from Olinda, with a lot of percussion and drums. 

Olinda is also a very spiritual place, if you are spiritual, you would definitely feel the spiritual vibe in the place. It’s important for me to visit Olinda, to remind me where I come from. When I see maracatu beats in the streets, it feels like I belong there, I feel my roots inside of me, and that’s something that’s never gonna be taken away from me.

If you haven’t been to Olinda, I would recommend it.

Thanks for reading our blog