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Staying focused, and dealing with frustration as a tattoo artist

Hello everyone, thanks for looking at our blog. In this blog I would like to share a bit of my method about keeping focused and dealing with frustration as an artist. I hope this blog helps not only artists and tattoo artists, but also everyone in any walk of life, as I’m sure, it doesn’t matter what we do, we are always faced with challenges along the way. We do our best most of the time, and sometimes we feel like we are not getting anywhere with all our efforts. I’m sure everyone can relate to that, and here are my thoughts on it.

I hear a lot of people, calling others selfish, for looking after themselves and focusing in their life. As others see this as being selfish, I see it as having a self respect for yourself , and respecting the short time we have here. People treat like they are gonna live forever, like in life is always going to be there..

The best investment you can make is on yourself, focusing on yourself, it makes you a better person, and in a consequence, you will give others a better life. So what’s so selfish about looking after yourself first? I think is a very smart thing to do. People who are around you today, mite not be around you tomorrow, and the only person who will remain is yourself, always. I understand family usually is around us for a life time, hopefully.

Making time for yourself everyday, is what is going to make you feel better about life. Staying motivated and focused, starts with your health, without your health your brain will not function at its best, your decisions will not be at its best, due to lack of self respect for your mind and body. Having a self respect for your mind “meditating” and body “exercising” will unfold the power of “belief”. I would highly recommend a book called “The power of belief” in this book, it talks about the importance of a healthy diet in order to have the belief system in charge in your body. Your belief is what’s going to shape your world . I guarantee, what you believe right now, is where the your life will be, no mistakes there.

Do you want to get out of your focus and belief system? I would recommend eating refined sugar. Honestly, refined sugar, it lows your immune system, it lowers your concentration capacity, inflames your body cells, it boosts cancer cells. In another words refined sugar is a poison to our body. I follow a few doctors on you tube, and they mention that ice-cream, biscuits and chips are in the list of the “worst” foods in the world.

So as an artist or professional, bringing your own food to work everyday really helps. If I forget to bring my own food to work, I think, I will just get something vegan, so it’s healthy, I understand vegan food is healthy, however when the food comes, it’s all really deep fried with oil, and that sort of food is terrible for your concentration. I’m now 38, and if I’m not careful with what I eat, my concentration level goes right down, and my performance won’t be the same. So I never try to get cheap food, is like not caring for your health, I work hard so I can eat well, eating well is not a luxury is a must. Your performance at work will unfold due to what you are eating throughout the day.

I take vitamins B12 everyday I work, that really helps with concentration, and for sure i try to stay away from meat while I work, as digesting meat, it takes a lot of our body, so I prefer to put my energy to my work, instead of my digestion. In order to perform at your best, the details is what make the difference.

At last I would like to talk about dealing with frustration as an artist. If you are an artist, you will know what I’m talking about, we always want to reach that sort of painting or drawing and when the result is quiet not there yet, specially if you are a perfectionist, like me, is not easy to deal with sometimes. Being a perfectionist, it really frustrates me sometimes, as everything I feel like it could be better, the good side to that, is that I’m not delusional about my work, I’m very self critic, I prefer to be like that, than to be so delusional, like some artists I see, they think they are a so above to what they really can do, or the level they are in. Being honest with yourself is helpful, is good to know that you are doing well, but it’s smart to know that you can do better.

The best way to deal with frustration in my opinion, is not to compare yourself to others. Everyone has their own path in life, and everyone will write their own history, things come in different time for people, some people get it really early in life, but loose it due to lack of experience. A tree that grows slowly, will be a strong tree when it has reached its full circle. A tree that grows fast, will fall easier.

And also having “faith” is probably the most important thing, I’m not religious, but I believe deeply in having faith. Anybody in life who have created or achieved greatness, had a lot of faith in their vision, believe in your vision, and be stubborn about it. The best way to have a vision is to meditate, when you meditate you bring your mind to a state of piece, and this is where ideas will start to come, and the chosen direction will be clear as a day light.

I would like to thank you for reading my blog, and I hope that made you feel better, we all need a bit of a reminder of what we already know sometimes, as repetition is important to imprint our beliefs in our subconscious. Repeat what you want in your mind.

The best way to approach your tattoo

Best way to approach your tattoo

In this blog I would like to give a bit of guidance in how to approach your tattoo artist and getting tattooed. I can only speak from a tattoo artist point of view. I’m gonna try to give guidance based on my 13 years experience being a tattoo artist, and learning how to deal with clients, and lessons I have had over the years, with following my intuition and learning what to do and what not to do.

First of all, I would like to start mentioning probably the most important way to approach your tattoo, is to choose a style that you want, and contact a tattoo artist who specialises or enjoys doing that style you are looking for. It seems like a really simple and obvious way to get tattooed, but you will be surprised, how many clients approach a tattoo artist, without being aware of the style the tattoo artist specialises in, or enjoys doing. You can not approach a tattoo artist and ask them to deviate from their style, it’s like asking someone not to be themselves, or asking for someone to act like they are somebody else.

Only approach a tattoo artist if you are 100% sure about getting tattooed, and 100% sure about getting tattooed by that tattoo artist you have chosen. And you should approach a tattoo artist, because you want their work and style, on your body for the rest of your life. So if you love someone’s work, and you know their style is what you want to get tattooed, you will do everything possible to make it happen, you will save your money, you will take a day off work, you will be patient, you will be there whatever time the tattoo artist asks you to be there, you will contribute with everything you can to make that possible. And the reason why I’m speaking like that, is because, the more easy going you are with your tattoo artist, the better work your tattoo artist is going to produce on your skin. 

I have done my best work in my clients who gave me the opportunity to work in a good frame of mind. If you are a stress head, it’s more likely you will stress your tattoo artist too. If you worry too much about how your tattoo is going to look, you are not having faith in your tattoo artists skill. I know some of you mite be thinking, but I want to know what my tattoo will look like when it’s done. In my opinion as a tattoo artist is, the more you let it be with your tattoo, the better the outcome will be. I know the tattoo will not look exactly how you were thinking, but it will come out better.

Let me show an example, with my strategy on how I get tattooed. I say to the tattoo artist what they want to hear, and by doing that, I can see their excitement to tattoo me. 

When I approached Victor Portugal, one of the best tattoo artists in the world at black and grey, I was really nervous. The reason why I was nervous is because, I’m also a tattoo artist, and I didn’t want him a bad experience, basically, I didn’t want him to think I was an idiot, because the word would be quickly spread around the world, as all the tattoo artists in the world know him, and respect him. So I think that’s a good way to think when you approach a tattoo artist, be respectful of what they mite think of you.

When I approached Victor Portugal, I gave him a few ideas, I gave him 3 ideas, and I let him choose which one he felt more comfortable doing, and I was sure to tell him, that I wanted his style on the tattoo, and I wanted him to be free. By saying that, his eyes lit with joy, and that contributed to his excitement about tattooing me. I said how much I loved his work, and why I chose him to tattoo me. All that gave him not only excitement, but also confidence to tattoo me. The tattoo didn’t come out exactly how I was thinking, but it came out better than I was thinking, and that’s why I chose him to tattoo me, it’s because I trusted his art.

If you do not trust someone’s art, do not approach them to tattoo you, it seems like such a simple way of thinking, however, you will be surprised how many people approach me, making me feel like I’m not capable to do my job. I have clients asking me, can you do this, can you do that. You should look at someone’s portfolio, and find out for yourself, what they can or can not do. 

To be complete honest, us tattoo artists, we do not look forward to see every single client we have, because some clients make such an awkward situation, such an unpleasant vibe, and when the tattoo is finished, we are so glad. So please don’t be that client, to make an awkward vibe on your tattoo. You must have faith in your tattoo artist, and stick with the process of your tattoo, under any circumstances, and the reason why you should stick with your artist, and even wait a few months to get tattooed by him, is because you made the choice to have his art work on your body for the rest of your life, and you must have faith until the end.

Jumping from one tattoo artist to another, is only gonna mess your tattoo up even more, and the reason why, is because, even knowing a few tattoo artists mite have the same style, every artist works with a different frame of mind. Every artist has a different perception about art, and how to approach their work.

Also I would like to mention about clients who approach a tattoo artist asking them to replicate the same tattoo they see on Pinterest. You must realise that, a tattoo when it’s done, it was on that moment that the tattoo came out that way, and that moment can not be replicated exactly the same. Even if you take the tattoo you love, to the tattoo artist who executed it, if he tries to replicate the same tattoo on you, is never gonna come out exactly the same, because your tattoo artist mood will be different than previously. It’s also important to know that, tattoos are produced with moods, and we are not in the same mood everyday, so a full sleeve will never be duplicated exactly the same, it will always be a momentous emotional journey.

Thank you for reading our blog, I will share more thoughts on how to get tattooed in another blog, I hope everyone is keeping safe, take care.

The table of the greats, Bruce Lee, part-5

Hello everyone, thanks for reading our blog.

This is the last blog of our journey in the table of the greats. In my previous blogs, I have mentioned about people who inspires me, people who are no longer here, who in fact are immortal, due to what they have taught us or achieved In their short time they had here.

Bruce Lee in my opinion, had a really short time here, as he died so young, still in his 30’s. what a waste of a talent, however in the short period of time he spent here, he was outstanding. A lot of people do not really rate Bruce Lee’s fighting skill, as he never had proved his fighting abilities in competitions, and I understand why some would think like that, however I also consider that he did not have the opportunity to live.

And now you mite be asking yourself, but how could we be sure of how good Bruce Lee was as a fighter, if we have never really seen him fighting for real.

I used to think like that too, until one day I came across a video on YouTube, where it shows interviews with genuine people, who saw Bruce Lee fighting for real, at martial arts classes. Apparently, Bruce Lee used to love sparing with other martial artists, as he used to love how different people were, and he used to enjoy going with the flow, or reacting to whatever way shape or form they were coming at him. And apparently, nobody could touch him, he was just too good.

Now we ask ourselves, how was Bruce Lee so good? The reason why in my opinion, was because, he was the first martial artist to study Philosophy, and the human body. Because he studied the human body, he understood it in a different level than other fighters. With such a deep knowledge on philosophy and human anatomy, he used to flow like water, with every movement his opponents planned to attack him with.

Apparently, martial artists, are very good at dancing too, and Bruce Lee was one one them. He was a Cha cha Champion, I think it’s a Chinese dance, and all that contributed to his skills as a martial artist.

One of the best stories I have heard about Bruce Lee, which is in that video on YouTube I previously spoke about. He went to a martial artist class, and spared with everyone, and apparently, no one could lay a finger on him. After sparing with all students in the class, it was time to face their master, or their teacher. The teacher looked at Bruce Lee and said, I have seen you fight, and you are not that good, I could get you in one go. So Bruce Lee said to the master, ok, you kick me once, and I will kick you once. So the master, kicked Bruce Lee once, and Bruce Lee easily blocked it with his shoulder. Then Bruce Lee said, ok, now it’s my turn, and apparently, he kicked so fast, that no one could see what happened. And people around could only start to realise what was happening, when the masters mouth started to bleed, and all his teeth started to fall out. He had kicked him so fast and so precise, that no one could catch it with their own eyes.

Its also known, that Bruce Lee, was so fast when he did his movies, that the camera people, used to ask him to slow down, because his movements would become unclear to the human eyes.

I have seen a lot of documentaries and movies about Bruce Lee. I think on Netflix, there are 2 at the moment. And I recommend an audio book called the philosophy of Bruce Lee. I hear that sometimes when I’m in the house cleaning and doing other things.

Bruce Lee was a Martial artist genius, and if he lived nowadays he would do really well on UFC. I would loved to have seen Bruce Lee fighting Israel Adesanya on UFC. I think he’s the only one who would stand a chance against Bruce Lee. They are both phenomenal, and Israel Adsanya is still leaving his legacy, and I hope he does prove he’s the best for a long time.

Thank you guys for reading my blog, I’m glad I stuck to get this few blogs done, in the table of the greats. We all should look up to someone who inspire us, I can’t see anything wrong with that. I never see anyone as my hero, however I’m not shy to let others know about people who do inspire me, and hopefully they will inspire other people as well.

Thank you for reading, and keep safe!

The table of grates part-4 Nicolas Tesla

Nicolas Tesla 

I’ve always had this idea if I could for one night, have a meal with people who inspire me, no family members, only people who are no longer here, but who left a legacy.

Born in July 10th, 1856. Nicolas Tesla was probably one of the great minds who ever lived. 

His birth was very similar to his life’s work purpose, as his mother was in labour during a massive light storm. And she proclaimed, he will be a child of light, and she wasn’t wrong.

Tesla is the reason why we have electricity, he spoke several languages and was able to memorise books in his head. At University he only had to attend 3 years instead of 4, he was a very bright individual.

Nicolas Tesla actually worked with Thomas Edson. That’s what Nicola Tesla had to say about Thomas Edison. “ I came from Paris in the Spring of 1884, and was brought in intimate contact with him “Thomas Edinson”. We experimented day and night… His existence was made up of alternate periods of work work and sleep in the laboratory. He had no hobby, cared for no Sport or amusement of any kind and lived in utter disregard of the most elementary rules of hygiene. There can be no doubt that, if he had not married later a woman of exceptional intelligence, who made it the one object of her life to preserve him, he would have died many years ago, from consequences of sheer neglect. So great and uncontrollable was his passion for work”.

Tesla’s relationship with Edson only lasted 6 months, as they disagreed in a lot on alternating current and direct current. Also one of the big reasons why Tesla stopped working with Edson was because, Edson had challenged employees to build 2 different machines, and who successfully did it would receive a huge bonus of 50.000 dollars, which it translates to millions of dollars today. 

Tesla completed his task and presented his work, and was denied the bonus promised by Edson. Edson claimed the challenge had been presented jokingly, and stated to Nicolas Tesla “Tesla, you don’t understand our American humor” 

Nicolas Tesla then deceived to open his own company, where he was going to research and work with alternate current.

As an amazing intelligent inventor Nicola Tesla was, his personal life was filled with sacrifices, he never got married, and stayed by himself to make sure he could focus on his work. He said “I do not think you can name many great inventions that have been made by married man”-Nicolas Tesla

He was dissatisfied with attitude of modern women of the 1920’s, he stated “I had always thought of woman as possessing those delicate qualities of mind and soul that made her in these respects far superior to man. I had put her on a lofty pedestal… I worshiped at the feet of the creature I had raised to this height, and, like every try worshiper, I felt myself unworthy of the object of my worship. But all this was in the past. Now the soft-voiced gentle woman of my reverent worship has all but vanished. In her place has come the woman of my reverent worship has all but vanished. In her place, has come the woman who thinks that he chief success in life in making herself as much as possible like man- in dress, voice and actions, in sports and achievements of every kind”. -Nicolas Tesla 

Maybe feminism started in them times? I don’t know, however by his statement, it seems like he use to worship woman, but then he changed his opinion due to how they had become in his modern times. I understand some people not agreeing with his opinions and philosophy, however a man with his sort of brain and intelligence will not think like most people do, to be the first person to come out with the idea of electricity, is not for everyone.

He lived large at The Waldorf-Astoria in New York, spending 20 thousand dollars which is half of a million of today’s money. That’s what really got him in debt. However living in New York, he had the access to rich people who were willing to invest in his inventions, some successful and some failures. However it’s know that a lot of amazing inventions by Nicola Tesla was copied by another inventors of his era, specially Thomas Edson, who wanted to provide paid electricity to the public, while Nicola Tesla wanted to provide for free. That’s probably the reason why Nicola’s Tesla does not get the credit he deserves, because he didn’t work with “the system” the government. While Thomas Edison did. 

That’s probably the reason why in schools, they mention about Thomas Edison, however it’s not mentioned about Nicola Tesla. It’s a pity to know that I have only came to discover who Nicolas Tesla was, as an adult, how crazy is that. That proves how much history is whatever they want to tell us. And only people who they choose to be know, will be mentioned I’m books and history.

Thanks for reading our blog 

The table of the greats- Ayrton Senna

The table of the greats

Ayrton Senna

Carrying on from my previous blog. Ayrton Senna is next on my list of the table of the greats. I’ve always had this idea if I could for one night, have a meal with people who inspire me, no family members, only people who are no longer here, but who left a legacy.

Ayrton Senna was a legendary Brazilian racing driver, who brought for the first time, mental and physical preparation to Formula 1. His dedication to racing and love and care for his country, made him a man to remember world wide. A lot of people, when they hear about Ayrton Senna, they immediately see him as a racing driver, however if you have seen his funeral, you would know, he was a bit more than that.

Ayrton Senna started his Racing career in go karts in Brazil, winning the São Paulo go kart for the children championship. He was a son of a Rich Brazilian business man, so his dad had no problem in backing up his racing career, as to be in the race world, even before reaching F1, each season of a league, could cost up to a million. So most F1 drivers do come from rich families.

So at the age of 17, Ayrton Senna came to England to drive at Silverstone, in a league that was bellow F1. Living his family behind in Brazil to be able to follow his dreams, it was a sacrifice he had to do, to achieve his racing ambitions. Even before F1, Senna already showed outstanding performances in the track, getting the attention of F1 teams. 

Willians was the first team in F1, to give Senna a chance to drive an F1 car. And his first ever drive test, he went one second faster that the car has ever been before. And for those who don’t know, one second in formula one is a lot of time. 

Willians did not have a slot for Senna that season im F1, as they had 2 drivers currently under contract. So Toleman was the team that had a space for a driver, however that car was the worse on the grid. 

Even knowing Senna had the worse car in the grid, in his first race in Monaco, in really wet conditions, with controlling the car becomes 10X harder, he managed to finish second in the race. Throughout his career Senna proved to win races with cars that was bellow the competition. Most F1 champions you see, they were champions because they had the best car. Senna became a world champion, specially with his third title, with a much inferior car than the competition.

As Ayrton Senna was considered by many, the greatest driver in F1. Due time his ability to drive in bad conditions and with not the best car, he was also a man with a big heart.

My aunt in Brazil was a doctor for the government hospital. And a lot of poor people in Brazil could not afford their operation. And she used to say that Ayrton Senna used to pay for the operations of poor people in Brazil. He was a multi millionaire, who cared about his people. There are so many sports people in Brazil, who do not care about their roots, or their people need.

And for last, I would like to say that, Ayrton Senna was one man to prove that, you can be from a third world country and you can win. He proved that over and over again. Even born in a third world country, where technology is a lot behind than the first world. He used to face the technology of the first world, specially in F1, where technology is a big part, and he used to win. Not only win, but lift the Brazilian flag in the end of all races he won, even knowing his country was under a lot of difficulties in the 90’s, a lot of negative emotions in Brazil in the 90’s, however against all the odds, he still managed to win. 

Unfortunately Senna had a car crash and died in 1994, when he was leading the Italian Grand Prix. That was an unexpected death, as he had no control of it, and everybody knows, only a mechanical problem with the car could killed Ayrton Senna. 

Even to this day, all F1 drivers are inspired by him. With his single mindset, and mental toughness, he achieved drives that  are hard to believe. If he hadn’t had that unfortunate crash, we would have seen him to win many more world titles, and helping Brazil to become a better place. That’s why when he died, we were really upset in Brazil, because he was the only thing we had that worked out, and we lost that. But his soul is still very strong and we remember him, to inspire us in difficult moments. 

Thank you for reading 

A Traditional Painting Phase

Tradicional painting and listening to meditation music

One of my favourite things to do lately is to do tradicional painting, and listen to meditation music. I could spent all day doing that, I find it really relaxing. I go into a trance and I feel like I’m in a different place.

I’m really starting to listen to my intuition lately. However, to achieve that, meditation is required. We all know that our intuition is what we should follow, we all have the power of intuition, however we are still learning how to truly follow it. And the more you learn how to follow your intuition, the more satisfied you will be with your life, and your life will become more clear, in place and in peace.

I have multiple mediums available at home, and the reason why is because I never get bored of doing art. Sometimes I do watercolours, acrylic, pencil, digital drawing and painting. All these becomes fresh and exiting. Doing one medium for too long can be quiet repetitive, and a good balance in life will make life more interesting and exiting.

I love all diferente mediums, I believe, every medium has ups and downs, like everything in life. However the beauty of having different mediums is that you can mix them, and really have fun with that. I love to mix acrylic with oil.

The reason why I love to mix acrylic with oil is that, you can apply a thick under paint with acrylic, a very basic strong layer of foundation, as Acrylic dries so fast, which is one of the benefit it has to offer, I can go over with oils, which it will give more of a glaze feel to it, which is the opposition of acrylic, it’s like waxing a brand new car.

If you are an artist and you haven’t tried these two mediums I would highly recommend it. With painting we all know we need multiple layers to achieve the outcome with want. And we need a strong foundation of painting to keep the other layers going. So that’s why I believe acrylics really gives you that strong foundation layer that you need to keep the painting going with multiple layers.

In the end I would like to mention my favourite artists who inspire me to paint, inspiration is very important, so I keep an eye on these guys websites or instagram. I love to look at the work of Boris Vallejo, Lúcio Parrillo, Alex Ross, Donato Giancola. That’s just a few, there’s a lot more.

This blog was about what I’ve been up to, I’m gonna try to post more content like this, just letting you guys know what I’m up to. Sometimes I’m a quiet deep person, but sometimes is good to keep it simple.

Thank you for reading

I want my tattoo now

I Want My Tattoo Now


Thanks for reading our blog, it’s a good way to get to know what we have been up to behind the scenes, in our tattoo studio in Leeds City Centre.

I had the idea to do this blog, due to the amount of customers who request for a tattoo, and they want it now. And when you say you have a waiting list, they get disappointed about the fact that they have to wait a few weeks, or a few months for their tattoo to be done.

A very few clients truly understand about tattooing or tattoos. I have been tattooing for 13 years, and I could count with my hands, how many clients actually seemed happy that I had a waiting list. One cliente once said to me, I would be worried if you didn’t have a waiting list. Clients like that have an understanding that, anybody who’s a decent artist, someone who cares about what they do, will have a waiting list.

Some clients don’t understand that. As tattoo artists we have to take care of what we are doing everyday. And in order to do things properly, we can not tattoo 5 people in one day. I have worked in studios where, the busiest the studio was, the quicker the tattoo artist worked. Would you like to get tattooed by someone who thinks like that? Just imagine walking in to a tattoo studio, and by chance a few other clients also wanted to get tattooed that day, and each one of the clients have their tattoo rushed, because that tattoo artist is trying to get it done as fast as possible, as they are trying to get as many people in as possible to make as much money as possible.

One thing I’m sure is, It doesn’t matter how good of an artist you are, or you may think you are, if you rush your work, you will not deliver a quality stand of work every single time. I have worked with amazing artists, and they used to rush their work to make money, and sometimes I looked at their tattoos, and it didn’t look like they did it, because it was so rushed.

So when someone has a waiting list, it means they take care of every client they have everyday, they give their attention to one or 2 tattoos per day, trying their best at every piece they approach. Working with this frame of mind, you are reaping what you sow, instead of cashing in as much money as you can everyday.

When you try to do things properly, you have to organise what you do, plan your day ahead, for a better outcome in your work. You have to look after yourself physically and mentally in order to deliver the best you can to your client.

So which tattoo artist would you prefer to get tattooed by? The one who fits as many clients as they can everyday? Or the one who fits less clients everyday in order to do better tattoos?

I find it astonishing, how many clients do not want to wait for their tattoo, for something that’s gonna be on their body for the rest of their life. What’s a month or 2 for something that you want it done properly from someone who cares about what they do.

I guarantee you, some tattoo artists, they don’t give a dawn about you, all they want is to get you out of the chair as soon as possible, so they can get richer as soon as possible. It’s all about the money nowadays. It’s rare when a tattoo artist understand that it’s their passion for what they do, that will bring clients to them. And it’s a very few clients who understand that tattooing is not like going shopping to buy clothes, or purchasing a tv or a fridge. A very few clients understand that every artist has a different style, and each style will make their tattoo look so different.

So if you like someone’s work, it doesn’t matter how long you have to wait for, as I’m sure time goes so quick nowadays, and a few months will pass by, like a blink of an eye, and you are going to be tattooed by someone who you love their work, and not because they can fit you in earlier.

Your body is more valuable than getting tattooed by someone because they are not busy. If an artist doesn’t have a waiting list, someone with a common sense would question why. 

Thanks for reading 

Creativity starts with Health

Louis Santos Personal Blog

Creativity starts with Health

As you get older, your body become less tolerant to lack of sleeping, bad diet and ignoring exercise and looking after your health in general.

After 35 years old, your body has less energy. So after reaching 35 years of age, I started to notice I needed to rest more, and in consequence, I had less time to do my art and be creative.

That was a sad news for me, as I always wanted to be as creative as possible. If I could carry on drawing and painting all night I would love to do it, however we must sleep, in order to have energy, so I must sleep for my health also.

So after not having as much energy to work, and not putting as much time to my art as I wished. I started looking at alternatives to look after my body and my mind, in order to have more energy.

When we are young, we automatically have extra energy, however when we get older, we have to create energy in our bodies. I would like to share my methods of creating energy in my body, in order to be more creative and enjoy my art as much as o can.

Morning Stretch- While we sleep, our muscles also sleeps with us. So I have a few yoga videos saved on my playlist, and do a quick morning stretch. It makes you feel so much better. Specially spending all day sat in a chair, you must contradict that time where your body is still while tattooing.

Exercise- Our bodies are made to move. If you like it or not, our bodies are not made to be static. I know a lot of people say, ah I can’t be bothered exercising. I’m not a big fan of exercising too, however in life we can’t always just do what we want all the time, or eat what we want. Actually you can, however you would reach a very unbalanced state in your life. I exercise for my health, it’s not everyday that I feel like exercising. However, dedication also means, doing things you don’t always feel like doing sometimes. I try to find a way to keep a balance in between going to the gym, going to the park. So it doesn’t get too boring and get out of a routine a little. 

Eating well- Food should be a choice not a religion. I try to eat as well as I can, I believe if you eat cheap today, one day you will pay back in medicine. I understand sometimes we have to eat junk food. However there’s a difference in between having a salad once a week, and having a salad 4-5 times a week. I’m not a big fan of salad, however I eat for my well being. Eating well, it increases your concentration level. I highly recommend a hot cup of water with Lemmon, spinach on your salad, green tea everyday. Yam is an amazing potato, it makes your bones stronger, it rejuvenates you, it’s good for your blood and many things. If you have a Yam in the morning, you are not gonna need your cup of coffee. I love Yam. 

Lennox Lewis the heavy weight boxer, he had Yam before he knocked out Mike Tyson, he mentioned in a interview.

Meditation- Meditation means literally, switching off your brain. I know a lot of people think… well i can’t do that. The reason why you can’t do that, is because your mind has been distracted for a long time. Your brain is like a muscle, so it won’t just shut up as soon as you ask to do so. It becomes quiet with practise and endurance. Not everyday you will find easy to meditate, specially in those days where your mind is busy with loads of issues, that’s why I choose to meditate in the morning. Anyhow, meditation helps you to make decisions, fell more relaxed and have a better sense of direction in life, and it increases your concentration level.

-Minimise and cut down stimulants 

Stimulants are something that messes with our nerve system. I have a auntie who has smoked and drank alcohol heavily all her life, and she hardly can sign her signature on a paper, due to her hand shake. So how are we gonna be able to hold a tattoo machine in the future if we abuse drugs and alcohol. I’m not saying I’m against alcohol, I have a glass of red wine sometimes, however the more stimulants your body gets used to, the more you are gonna need to be calm. 

Needing a stimulant everyday, your body will not operate in a normal or higher level. Your body and brain will become dependent, and so on you will only enjoy life with that stimulant present on your body. 

I truly believe everything in life has a price, so if you excessively drink, smoke or take any kind of drug, you will pay for it one day. You will become unbalanced, and when things go wrong in life, you won’t be still as you need to be, your nervous system will take over, and your brain will not be able to function clear. That’s why our drug should be natural, meditation, positive mind set, eating well. All these things makes your feel so much better, and they are natural stimulants made by the earth.

Earth has provided all we need to live well, and it’s our choice to make the most of it. Instead of choosing man made stimulants, that gives us short term pleasure, and no long term gratification.

Long term gratification also comes from inside of us. A lot of people seek happiness on other people. We should be complete as a whole, and not present ourselves as a half human who needs another half in order to be completed. We are a full being, enlightened and with a lot of pretentious to be fulfilled internally, other people can contribute towards our fulfilment, however they are not responsible for it.

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My Largest Painting Project so far

Hello everyone,

Hope everyone is keeping safe in this quarantine.

In this blog, I would like to speak about this large paint project I’m working on.

I started with A4 size for oil painting, I believe in walking before you can run. I planned to really know what I was doing, before I attempted a large canvas.

I have a book on illustration, by Boris Vallejo. A true master of fantasy art. And in his book of drawings, he mentions that “an artist should not attempt to draw, unless he develops completely control of their drawing skills”

I completely understood what Boris was trying to say. He was trying to say, an artist who attempts to paint without practise drawing first, the paint will not look in proportion”

I was studying oil painting when I heard this quote by Boris Vallejo. And I put my books to one side, and only focused on my drawings. And that was around 8 years ago. Only now, I’m going for my oil painting.

I believe Boris Vallejo was right. I see a lot of artists attempting large oil paintings, and the foundation of the painting “the drawing” is not as strong as it could be.

I understand art should be free. However I follow Boris Vallejo’s philosophy, as it’s very rare when I can see an oil painter to his level. He has achieve artistically, what I believe not many will achieve.

As art means, arse in the chair! And not every artist will put their arse in the chair when they are having a bad day. Or because it’s Sunday, it’s sunny. To achieve Boris artistic level, you have to get your arse in the chair under any circumstances, that’s what’s gonna differentiate your skills to the rest of the field.

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The Masters of the Universe

The Masters of the Universe Project 


Thanks for reading our blog, it’s a good way to get to know what we have been up to behind the scenes, in our tattoo studio in Leeds City Centre.

In this blog I would like to talk about a digital painting work in progress I have, of probably my favourite cartoon animation of all time, which is He-man the masters of the universe.

As an 80’s kid, it was truly staggering to see one of the greatest animations ever made such as, He-Man, Thundercats, Dungeon and Dragons and The X-men.

I’m grateful to have been a kid in the 80’s and 90’s and experience all this awesome movies and cartoons. What a great era for creation, of movies and cartoons. I can mention a few of my favourites, Robocop, Predator, Back to the future, Rambo, Masters of the Universe, Labyrinth, Batman and so on. I’m sure I haven’t mentioned a few. 

I have heard that they are making a new series of Masters of the Universe. And that got me really exited, as it would be a real dream come true, to be able to see a movie based on my favourite cartoon as a kid.

I believe with the technology they have nowadays, CGI, they would be able to make justice, to translate to a movie all the magic the cartoon endured. Standards that the first making of Masters of the Universe didn’t achieve, due to the lack of technology. 

The very first Masters of the Universe movie was released in 1987, I was only 5 years old. I remember going to the cinema various times to watch it. And when it came out on cassette tapes, before dvds, I think I must watched it over 15 times.

He-man the masters of the Universe movie, is one of those movies made in the 80’s, that when I watch it nowadays, I still enjoy it just as much as when I watched it in the 80’s.

To be an artist, maintaining the child inside of you, is what gives you a fire under your butt, and inspire you to do art. I’m pretty much still like a kid in my head, and I hope to keep like that for many years to come. And get exited about watching fantasy movies and cartoons, and feel motivated to sit on the chair and translate my experience to a paper or a canvas.

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