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Tonight we become children of Thanos


I’m very happy and grateful to be tattooing in my opinion the most fierce and feared comic villain of all time “Thanos”

After watching Avengers “infinity wars” I was fascinated by the movie, I went to the cinema 5X to watch it, if you haven’t seen it, I would highly recommend it, it’s not just a comic movie, it’s a piece of art itself. It’s known that Disney spent, around 320 millions dollars on it, and when you watch you will feel where all this money went to.

In this movie “Thanos” is a villain who wants to get hold of 6 stones, which each stone gives him more control of life itself and it will make him such a god, being able to control anything.

In his opinion the way to save the world is to get rid of the over population, and sacrifice billions of lives for what he believes to be called, salvation, and mercy. He believes the only way to find piece is to sacrifice other lives.

It’s a very brutal way to solve any problem, however he sticks to his believes and fights under any cost or circumstance, to achieve his mission. Everyone believes he’s a mad man, and tries to stop his mission with their dying breath.

As much as “Thanos” is a mad man, watching that movie over and over again, I noticed a lot of positive quotes he came out with, and made me think a lot.

I noticed, during all the movie, every time something bad happens, he says something positive over it.

After his daughter tries to killing him, he has the power to come back to life as he has total control of reality, with the reality stone. And when he comes back he says to his daughter “I know deep down you still care” after she deliberately attempted to kill him.

Towards the end of the movie. When Thanos is after the last stone. The stone is trying to be destroyed, to avoid Thanos getting hold of it, and complete his purpose. As the stone is destroyed, he calmly says… “I understand more than anyone my child, but now it’s no time to mourn” he understands why she broke the stone, however he wastes no time and reverses time, and collects the stone.

In my opinion, that’s a really good lesson we can relate to life, as something doesn’t go the way we want, it’s better to have a positive perception of it, don’t cry over spilled milk, having no time to mourn, and carrying on with your mission.

The quicker you get over the spilled milk, the faster you will be from accomplishing your mission. And having no time to mourn, it makes you appreciate how valuable time is, and every second is a valuable time to be doing what you believe.

When the milk spills, I like to wipe it and forget about it. And look forward to all the beautiful meals life has to offer, instead of focusing on something that is not gonna give any more fruit.

Another awesome quote I heard “Thanos” state in the movie, which is probably my favourite one. Is when he’s talking to doctor strange toward the end, before they start fighting. Doctor strange is trying to convince him of how mad he’s, for trying to do what he believes. And “Thanos” says to him “the hardest choices, requires the strongest wills”

That’s another quote we can relate to our lives, if you have a hard choice that no one understand you, you have to be the strongest to make it happen, and not be uninspired by any other opinion outside yours.

As much as someone has their bad points, the also have good ones. So instead of looking at Thanos, like a crazy mad man, I try to take the best out of him, and learn with him, instead of hating him, like most people do.

Thanks for reading

The “Roots” album


I feel blessed for having the opportunity to be tattooing, the album cover of perhaps the most controversial “heavy metal” album of all time, Sepultura “Roots” the album that in my opinion, took heavy metal to a new direction.

Sepultura is a heavy metal band from “Belo Horizonte” Brazil. They started in the 80’s, as young Brazilians metal heads, with no much hope and not many people believed they would get any far with their music, as to consider “kerrang” magazine, ranked them “the worse band in the world” in the 80’s. For the band, they got exited about it, just to know that the band was getting noticed outside of Brazil.

It was a struggle for Sepultura in the beginning as they didn’t have money. Their dream was to play outside of Brazil, as they couldn’t afford it. They toured around Brazil for years, and the money they saved from all these years, they could afford to send the singer “Max Cavalera” to New York, to try to get a record deal.

In his first trip to New York, Max Cavalera had cassette tapes of they third album “Schizophrenia” which was their hope to get signed by a big record company. It’s believe that Max Cavalera went to the building of Roadrunner records in New York, and threw his cassette tapes on the window, to try to get signed.

It was a Pity he didn’t get signed by any record label. And he went back to Brazil with his hopes not very high. However, before he left New York, he gave away, all his Cassette tapes, and this tapes got copied and copied over the years.

Only 2 years later, Roadrunner Records must heard the tape, and rang Sepultura, to come to Brazil and do an album with them. They knew that was their opportunity, and for the next 6 months they locked themselves in a garage, and produced the world widely known album “beneath the remains”.

It was then , when Sepultura had their first tour outside Brazil. They toured around Europe. It was a dream come true, and they had their opportunity to show their music for the first time outside of Brazil.

After the success of “beneath the reamains” they had the trust from Roadrunner Records, and then released “Arise” “Chaos A.D” and “Roots” the album I’m tattooing in the picture.

In my opinion “Roots” is a very special album as it was the first album they had the courage to mix Brazilian instrumentals to their music, and that shocked a lot the metal community, because metal is usually only to one side with not many variations or other directions you can take it. However in my opinion Sepultura used what they had, they were from Brazil, and they took advantage of that, to do something “Metallica” couldn’t done, or “Slayer” couldn’t done.

And I think life is about that, you gotta use what you have. You have to take advantage of who you are. Sepultura also had the total back up from “Roadrunner Records” to do the “Roots” album, after the success of “Chaos A.D”. That’s why they could afford to fly to the jungle of Brazil and live with the Indians for 3 days. They felt the Indian tribe life style, made a song with them, they had an experience of the real Brazilian Roots, then went on tour after.

And that’s one way to make your talent happen too, it’s to be able to afford to support your talents. A lot of people out there have a talent, however they never get the opportunity to show their talent due to lack of support. Support is important to make your talent be seen, and multiply the opportunities of your talent.

Thank you for reading.

Stan Lee, my hero


It’s because of Stan Lee that I’m probably never gonna grow up.
I’ve seen a lot of posts about him passing away, however I would like to say, as a comic fan, and an artist point of view, why Stan Lee was such a legend.

Stan Lee had the gift of creation. It’s easy to draw your own version of something you can see, like I can look at a spider-man or Wolverine and draw my own version of it, because it’s already been created. To create a character before anyone can see it, it’s a gift not many artists have.

Stan Lee have created some characters I would never been able to imagine, like “galactus” “x-men” “Silver-surfer” he has an imagination that was out of this world, I could never come up with that. Amazing artists have drawn his characters, like Todd Mc farlane or Alex Ross, however they didn’t create them.

Nowadays we are spoilt with technology, and all these amazing comic super-heroes take movie forms, so we can sit back and let the screen do the magic for us. However when Stan Lee used to draw comics there was none of that technology. So he had to work with a guy called “Jack Kirkby” to produce around 5 comics per month, which is not humanly possible.

Stan Lee has not always had a good time with comics, they were seen as a bad thing for kids back in the 40’s. He even thought about stop doing them. I even remember in the 90’s reading comic books and it wasn’t a cool thing, because there wasn’t the technology to see the movies we see nowadays. My family and others, used to think I was stupid for reading comics, and now they love the movies they watch, about super-heroes, that are based on comics I used to read.

Comics really gets you to be creative with your imagination, and the art work on it it’s incredible.

Thank you Stan Lee, for creating all these awesome characters, and making me an artist, you gave us a world to scape from reality and learn how to dream.

Legends never die.

The Layout


The layout

First thank you for reading my blog.

In this blog I would like to share how I have been working lately. I have been working with an app called “photoshopmix”

With photoshopmix, I can create a layout for my customer before starting the tattoo process. With this layout, it gives the customer a quick overview and taste of what they are going to get, and which direction the tattoo is going to take.

The clients have ideas about their tattoo, however is really hard to visualise sometimes what’s going to happen. So in my opinion, as a professional artist, it’s our duty to clarify what’s going to happen in the tattoo process. It’s in our hands to put them at ease, as we all know, a lot of clients they come in to see us worried, and not sure about how their tattoo is going to look.

With photoshop mix, I can quickly and easily give a layout and perception of what it could possibly come ahead, being able to add and erase picture and mix them pretty easily.

Thank you for reading!

Universal Studios


My trip to Universal Studios at Orlando, Florida, was so far the best experience in my life time. Universal Studios is an amazing place. I have had seen videos in the past, liked it, and fancied it, however it’s nothing like being there.

If you are a fan of movies it’s a must to visit Universal Studios. The level of entertainment and artistic inspiration is out of this world. As an artist it was no just a holiday for me. It was a true art lesson.

If you are an artist too, I would highly recommend it. I’m not a big Harry Potter fan, I appreciate it, however I was blown away with the Harry Potter world and rides.

The biggest attraction of Universal Studios is Harry Potter, so if you are a Harry Potter fan, you would not be disappointed.

Universal Studios have 2 Parks. So each park has different attractions, from different movies, however both parks have a Harry Potter attraction, with 2 Rides and 2 worlds.

My favourite rides were, the transformers, Spider-Man, King Kong, and the 2 Harry Potter ones. Some of them were in 3D, so in 2D.

I was there for a week, however it’s not enough to see everything. That place is so huge, and I would for sure be back again, to explore another rides and places.

To see videos of my trip check out my YouTube channel or Facebook, I will be uploading videos and pictures.

If you haven’t been to Universal Studios, I would highly recommend. It’s a mind blowing experience.

Thanks for reading.

My book, work in progress, by Louis


The progress of my book is currently on the way. To stick to one idea for a very long time, is really hard, as we change our mind, as we go about in life, sometimes I feel like changing the concept or the first idea I had, however is important to keep to the foundation idea, so the book makes sense when people look at it.

I’m very inspired by artists who make video games, because they usually take a couple of years to complete their work on one title. Games like “God of War” took at least 4-5 years to make. It’s a lot of work involved, and keeping the endurance to complete such a large project is not easy. As we live in the age of distraction, internet, iPads can be a big distraction. However I have some tricks to keep focused.

One of my tricks is to turn the tv off. I know it sounds funny, but if you are trying to get a book done, or a video game done, it’s important to get rid of distractions. Or even turning my phone off, that really helps too.

Little changes like that, can add tremendous time to what you trying to achieve. And help you to get things done, instead of just having ideas of never finished projects.

The hardest thing I find, not to get distracted by is playing video games. As I love playing video games, and I feel like it’s an artistic lesson, the graphics nowadays are really awesome. So I try to play a game from time to time,to refresh my mind and give me new ideas about art. Even playing games sometimes gets out of the list of things to do, when I’m trying to get a drawing done for my book.

I do a page, which it takes me up to a month, then I take a brake, doing some painting, to keep the variation on how I approach my art, if I draw all the time, as much as I love it, it gets a bit overwhelming, when I just use one medium. I love to jump from medium to medium to keep fresh and exited about picking up a new tool, like pencil, brush and iPad, digital art and traditional art are the two mediums I use.

I hope to achieve my project, I’m in a good position in my life, where I got rid of most of my distractions in my personal life, now it’s up to me to jump on the drawing table and enjoy myself.

I will keep posting updates about my book, hope you enjoy this picture, thank you for looking.

All the best!

An exiting project by Louis


Martin has been an awesome guy from day one, very patient, easy going and allows me to work with a good frame of mind.

When a customer is easy going, in my opinion, their tattoo comes out better, as it’s a “natural process” there’s no worries, and your mind is not bouncing around trying to work out, what you can, and can not do.

And that’s what I advise if anyone wants a tattoo. Is to look at the artists work and make a decision, if their style is what you want on your body forever. As you are trusting the artist and giving him the freedom, to work with a good frame of mind, that will result in a good and successful tattoo.

That’s why I like clients like Martin, who trusts what I do. And not once question me when’s it’s going to be done. He tells me what he wants. Explains himself clearly, and let’s me take this information and render the tattoo with my own twist.

We have done a full sleeve for him. It was an awesome experience. Now we are working on his back. On his back we doing a Phoenix, as you can see in the picture. The Phoenix will be looking at a dragon, which it will be on the other side of his back, with the head at the top of his back, looking down at the Phoenix.

I’m really, really exited about this project, as I love doing Fantasy, it’s a great opportunity to me to display a style that I have so much passion for.

I would like to thanks Martin for the opportunity, and I couldn’t be happier for having such a cool guy as a customer, it’s really a blessing.

All the best, thank you.

Judge Dreed, and my first comic experience!


I can remember my first experience with comics. Art came about in my life in a comic form. I remember the first comic drawing I ever saw. It was a drawing of Conan the barbarian.

I was a kid in the 80’s in the warm and dangerous streets of Brazil. I used to walk with my gramma to buy bread once a week. Arriving at the food store, after shopping, we ended at the check out, and there was a man stood, with a few sketches on his counter, he must got bored sometimes and started sketching. That’s when I saw the drawing/ sketch of Conan.

I must been about 6-7 years old. And I remember clear as a day light. I grabbed my grammas hand and shouted… look gramma! Look! Pointing at the drawing. And the guy started laughing of how excited I was because I saw the sketch, he passed it over to me. And I was so impressed with how good the drawing was. As a kid, it seemed like the coolest drawing ever.

While my gramma got the shopping thought the check out, I couldn’t stop staring at the drawing, I felt so overwhelmed by it. And as I realised my time looking at it was over, as my gramma called me to keep walking, as she was done with the shopping, I asked the man in the counter, if I could keep the drawing and he said no. My gramma asked me to give him back the paper and I was so sad I couldn’t take it home with me. However that sketch was strong in my mind.

As soon as I got home. I wanted to draw and emulate the sketch I saw. As a 7 years old kid, I thought I could do that drawing no problem. And as soon as I started drawing I slowly realised my drawing wasn’t as good as the man in the counter at the food store.

I run over to my gramma and asked, gramma… how come my drawing is not as good as his? And she calmly replied, he is a lot older than you, so he’s been practicing it longer. At that moment I just wanted to be an adult then, just to be able to draw like he did.

So yeah, that was my first experience and appreciation with art. As I’m older now, I can tell that sketch I saw of Conan, was a copy of Frank Frazetta’s amazing work. His a true legend of fantasy art.

Thank you for reading.

Guesting at Renegade Tattoo Netherlands


I was on the road a few weeks ago. I went to do a guest spot at Renegade Tattoo, Netherlands.

I met Paul, while guesting in New York, at Inborn Tattoo. As soon as I met Paul, we got on straight way, and he seemed really friendly. At the end of our guest experience at inborn tattoo, he invited me to come and guest at his studio in Netherlands.

2 years later, there I was, meeting up with him again. The studio was really friendly and had a lot of space.

I loved chilling in Amsterdam, and guesting at Renegade Tattoo in a small town called Beverwijk. Traveling is important to open my mind and inspire me artistically and personally.

Getting out of my comfort zone is a blessing, as sometimes we get stuck in our routine. So i feel very grateful to have the opportunity to be able to get out of my routine, learn and experience new things.

I will be back at Renegade Tattoo. They seem really genuine, and not like them kind of people who are only out there for what they can get.

L. Santos