Black and grey Sketch of the day

Thanks for passing by. In this post I would like to share my latest sketch. I love sketching, it’s an opportunity to get ideas out and practise proportion. I like to feel free when I sketch, as when I’m tattooing, I’m constantly trying to be precise and meeting the clients request. So when I sketch I try to do the opposite, just don’t think too much and just let it be. And it feels good. I believe tattooing has a lot to do with drawing. As when you tattoo you still drawing on skin. So the better you draw, the better tattoo artist you will be. I understand some tattoo artists don’t draw, and some of them tattoo really well, however, if they did draw, they would take their tattooing even further. And being able to draw, it allows you as a tattoo artist, to know how to deal with the human body better. When you draw, you will be able to make the tattoo flow and fit the human body better. Thank you for reading, follow us on instagram@familiatattooleeds