Are video games good for artists?

Vídeo Games and being an artist.

Hello everyone, in this blog I would like to talk about video games as an artist. And discuss a bit if video games are good being an artist.

I started playing video games when i was a kid, purely for entertainment. Being a kid is amazing for playing games as you have all this free time and no responsibilities whatsoever. So a 4 hour game play, would happen with no worries at all.

Then we grow up and have responsibilities, which it makes it harder to spend hours playing video games. But then growing up, we have the money to buy the consoles and purchase any game we want.

Nowadays games are unbelievable , the graphics are out of this world. And I truly believe games are an art form. And if not one of my favourite type of art forms, games and movies are probably my favourite ways to get inspired by art.

So I do believe games are a great way to get inspired by art, in the same way I have fun playing a game, I study art while playing games. 

A great way to study art when playing a game is with observation. I observe the drawings in the game, how the characters move in the game. Atmosphere is also a good subject to learn in gaming, composition, and how they place colours to give a certain kind of mood in the world of the gameplay.

One game I recommend for artistic inspiration is “God of War” what a game. I played it first time for ps3. Now on PS4, it’s even better. That game is so good, that it took, maybe 4 years to make it. It shows you, when things are done properly it does takes time.

Im inspired by a Brazilian artist who is the Sony art director in the game “god of war” his name is “Rafael Grazetti” should check his Instagram, he’s amazing,

The only down side about playing games in my opinion , is the amount of time it takes out of our lives. So I try not to play for more than 2 hours, sometimes I only play for one hour. Time has to be restricted, as I have to look after myself physically, and focus on my art.

Above all, I think it’s important and inspiring playing games as an artist, as it’s probably the hardest art form out there, so why not being inspired by these amazing artists.

Thank you for reading 

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