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In life, we always have lessons from living. I’m 36 years of age, and the older I get the more I trust someone, and invest in someone which is myself.

The best investment you can make is on yourself, believe me. Being nice to other people and trying to look after them, you always gonna be disappointed. Because I can guarantee you, people are only out there to look after themselves.

I will never ever train someone up again to be a tattoo artist again. Because they will only want to do it for themselves and they are not caring about us, just to benefit them.

Artists in my opinion, when they want to learn, they begin humble. And as the time goes by, they develop their skill. And it’s great to see them developing. However with development also comes “the ego”.

As clients start to tell them… “ah! You doing great” “your work is great” their humbleness slightly fades away. And the “ego” raises and raises in their being. They think they are better than they are, they think certain styles are easy to do, and for a fact, the quality of the style they claim to be easy, is not at a world class level, what they can achieve. They never draw or study a style and they think is really easy to do.

It’s a sad and a shame, as all we know that, the more you learn, the more we realise we don’t know something, and our learning capabilities is endless.

To think something is easy and not producing the best quality it can be. It’s a disappointing ego of a sad man. Who will live his life believing he can do anything and not being humble or smart enough to study and practice something, before going ahead with it.

Respect the masters at something you doing or want to do. And know that your work is not as good as them. With this attitude you will always push yourself further and don’t rest until your work reaches that level, if you wish.

And that’s the beauty of humbleness, is to no matter how great you become at something, you always gonna be grounded, take a step back, and push it a little further.

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