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In this blog we would like to dedicate to our classic customer Rafa, from Spain. He’s been living in the U.K for the past year.

Rafa is a client like no other. He’s getting tattooed by Joe. He is still learning English, and everything he wants to say, it has to be translated by me “Louis” to Joe.

First time Rafa came to the studio to get tattooed, it was his first tattoo, so he really didn’t know what to expect. However we noticed he wasn’t coping with the tattoo very well, he was struggling to sit for his session, and really pulling funny faces like he couldn’t cope with what was going on.

We understand getting tattooed is not easy, and it can get very irritated after a while. However while Joe was tattooing Rafa on his first session, it seemed like Rafa was in agony, then I nicely asked Joe to take it easy on him, Joe answered quiet lost saying… I’m hardly touching him.

I thought, what could it be? If Joe is hardly touching him, why is he struggling so much?

We only found out after, one of Rafas best friend “which in my opinion is not really a friend” had recommended Rafa, that in order to have a good tattoo session, he should not go to sleep the night before his tattoo session. Stay up all night, and drink as much alcohol as he could, it would be the best thing to do before getting tattooed.

Believe it or not, as it was Rafas first tattoo, he literally believed what his friend told him, and had a night out the night before his first session. He didn’t have any sleep and stayed out drinking all night. No wonder why he couldn’t cope with his tattoo session.

A good sleep is essential before your tattoo session, so drinking alcohol and not sleeping well only makes your body more sensitive the following day.

We thought it would be a funny story to share with you guys. Rafa is a really funny customer, we always having a laugh when he comes in. It’s funny seeing Rafa and Joe trying to communicate, in Spanglish.

In the end we are all happy and Rafa is happy with his tattoos, but for sure we recommended for him not to have a drink of alcohol and have a good sleep before his sessions. Now me and Joe are tattooing Rafa, I’m doing his lower back and Joe is doing his arm.

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