Feminine Tattoos at Familia Tattoo

Feminine Tattoos in Leeds

Hello and thanks for reading my blog. In this blog I would like to talk about feminine tattoos.

Tattooing a woman in my opinion is different than tattooing a man. That’s because feminine tattoos require more of a subtle touch. And in my opinion feminine tattoos have to be as perfect as it can be.

Tattooing a guy, I feel like I can go crazier and I try different looks in the tattoo, and get away with it. However in a feminine tattoo, I try to do everything in a build up process, not to go far with too much of thick lines and going too far with my darks.

I enjoy doing feminine tattoos, even as a man, I feel like I have a feminine touch and side to my art, and I try to deliver that when tattooing a female in our tattoo studio in Leeds.

We have some news coming up about our tattoo studio in Leeds, we are waiting on some procedures and very soon we will be coming out with the news.

Thanks for reading our blog

Jack Black digital portrait work in progress

Jack black digital portrait work in progress

I love doing portraits, tattooing or painting digitally. It’s a challenge to capture someone’s felling with their expression and capture how the person is feeling, translated to skin or paper.

Portraits have so much soul, and a face can transmit so much energy, vibe and can tell a story without any words.

I love Jack Black, he’s one of my favourite actors, so I thought, why not do a digital portrait of Jack Black.

Jack Black is always pulling his face, so it was challenging to capture his face expression, and translate to proportional portrait drawing. I learned a lot with this portrait, and I hope to have increased my portrait skills, when it comes to tattoo a portrait in Leeds, I will be able to give a better portrait, hopefully, after practising to draw a portrait before tattooing it.

Jack Black is a fan of my favourite band Sepultura, so to discover he is a fan of my favourite band, makes me like him even more. 

I can’t wait to see what he comes up with, with future movies, I think he’s so funny, and the perfect guy to play a lot of parts in big movies.

Im very exiting to see Jack Blacks you tube channel, he’s gonna be playing games on you tube, that’s so awesome. Jack Black and games, can’t get better than that.

Thank you for reading, and until our next tattoo blog in Leeds.

Alterations to Sarah full sleeve tattoo in Leeds

Alterations to Sarah full sleeve tattoo in Leeds

I have been tattooing Sarah in our tattoo studio in Leeds city centre, for a few years now. Sarah is a very patient client, she wants a quality tattoo, and is willing to put the time and the patience to her full sleeve tattoo.

She asked for for a full sleeve tattoo in Leeds, black and grey, with a Medusa on top of her arm and skull underneath. The process of her full sleeve tattoo in Leeds was amazing, she let me work layer after layer, allowing me as a tattoo artist in Leeds, to achieve a 3D effect. 

To achieve a 3D effect tattoo, we need a lot of patience in the tattoo process, and wait until it heals to be able to go over the same area again, and add more shading, like glazing a painting. Pushing and pulling the values in a tattoo.

Sarah currently lives outside of Leeds. However she travels to Leeds to get tattooed by Familia Tattoo. We really appreciate when tattoo fans, get out of their comfort zone to get tattooed in Leeds by Familia Tattoo, it’s really from our heart, that we thanks all our customers for coming to get tattooed by us, from Leeds and from another cities.

Sarah wanted to do some alterations to her full sleeve tattoo in Leeds, and I was totally fine about that. She wanted to achieve more of a calm and subtle look on her skull tattoo. 

So i had the idea, to transform her skull tattoo in to a sugar skull tattoo, and decorate with flowers around the skull and inside the skull, we are still gonna add more decorations patterns to make look a bit more of a feminine tattoo.

I would like to thanks Sarah for being such an awesome client, and giving me a lot of artistic freedom, to be able to do the best I could with her full sleeve tattoo in Leeds.

Thank you for reading

The best tattoo artist in Leeds

The best tattoo artist in Leeds

Im writing this blog to discuss the argument of who’s is the best tattoo artist in Leeds.

First we should look at how different everyone’s style is. Every tattoo artist in Leeds have their own way of drawing and tattooing, so the styles vary a lot.

I would like to mention about how some tattoo studios in Leeds, state on their website, that they are the best tattoo artists in Leeds. It’s a shame and a fact that that’s a tactic to try to get clients, if you work hard and have your own style, clients are going to see it, understand what you are doing, and choose you to tattoo them.

Everyone has a different perception with how they see things. So it doesn’t matter how hard you work, and study, not everyone is gonna think you are an amazing artist, as not everyone sees the same tattoo, the same way.

Some tattooists, they don’t draw, and they still get customers, that’s because not everyone have the same perception and opinion. So how can you say who’s the best tattoo artist in Leeds.

The fact is there is no best tattoo artist in Leeds. It depends what style you like, and your taste in art, that will dictate your opinion, about how you rate someone’s work.

What it amazes me, it’s how different everyone’s work is, and how some clients they will get tattooed by any artist, without realising, how important their choice is, which it will dictate, how their tattoo will look.

Making a choice with an artist to tattoo you, is a big choice, as their style is to remain on your body forever, so be wise and thoughtful before making that choice, regardless with how much is going to cost.

Thank you for reading

Full Sleeve Tattoo in Leeds

Full sleeve tattoo in Leeds

Doing a full sleeve tattoo is a long and exiting journey. It’s an opportunity to make your work stand out, and tell a story through the human body.

Every time I do a full sleeve tattoo in Leeds, I feel like I build a relationship with the customer, as I get to spend a lot of time with them, we end up not only talking about the full sleeve tattoo but about life itself. It’s amazing when the tattooist and the client have same interest and outlook in life. I kind of look forward to have a tattoo session. And the work comes out really nice with a good clientele relationship.

Swapping ideas is also part of the process, sometimes I have to photoshop images to give my customer a better vision of what’s going to happen. As once you start tattooing there’s no coming back, so it’s important to give a bit of a taste, of what your client is going to get.

When I’m finally done with a full sleeve, I feel a bit sad in a way, because that’s when I realise the tattoo I worked for is not mine. I treat it like it’s mine, while I do it, so I can give the best I can. But when it’s finished, it kind of goes away and you hope it’s going to age well.

I had a great time doing James sleeve. He was a really nice and patient guy. I hope to find a lot more awesome customers like James, and carry on doing a lot of full sleeves tattoos in Leeds.

L. Santos

Realistic Tattoos in Leeds

Realistic tattoos in Leeds

Im very passionate about realistic tattoos, I love light, light is everywhere. So I’m constantly trying to study light to understand realism. 

Realistic tattoos is a style that no many artists are doing in Leeds. As a lot of artists are doing old school style. I respect old school, however, I prefer to focus on realism.

I like to draw realism, before I tattoo it. As it’s a way to practise before I go ahead with it. Practising realism on paper, is a good way to try different light sources,  learning with the drawing process, I can try to deliver the best realism tattoo possible, to my client.

Realistic tattoos are built by layers, to have a 3D look. So it’s a different process than normal 2d looking tattoos. 

With multiple sessions, I can push and pull my values. Deepen my darks, and forward my lights. I love a 3D effect on a tattoo, and I try to achieve that on a tattoo if the client allows me of coarse.

I also respect a simple tattoos, solid my customer is asking for simplicity I’m happy giving that too. In the end of the day, is in their body forever, and I have to respect what they want. 

In my personal opinion realistic tattoos, make the views eye move around more, and I love to make a focus point, then having the views eye going somewhere else after the focus point.

Realism in tattoos is a newer subject than all the others. It’s a new style that is still to be learned and pushed the boundaries. I’m willing to keep drawing and learn as much as I can about light.

If you are looking for a realistic tattoo in Leeds, I would be very happy to do it, and try my best!

Thanks for reading

Being a Tattoo Artist in Leeds

Being a tattoo artist in Leeds.

I started tattooing in a small town called Bury, in Lancashire, then after working there for 3 years, I felt like Leeds was a better city for me to be tattooing.

In 2009, I came to Leeds. I felt like Leeds was a better city to be a tattoo artist, I felt like Leeds was an artistic city, full of artistic tattoo artists, and I could learn and try to achieve a better artistic level.

It was in Leeds that I learned how to draw properly, it was in Leeds where I started to working with tattoo artists that could draw. Learning how to draw and tattoo in Leeds, it has transformed me as an artist and a professional.

Leeds has always been a great city for tattooing. Tattoo artists in Leeds are always pushing to do the best they can, and focus on our own style.

Every tattoo artist in Leeds have their own way of working, so you have to find what works better for you, and not compare the way we all work, as we are doing what we believe is the best way to work.

I do respect some tattoo artists in Leeds, I feel like there are artists who really care about what they do. It’s a shame we don’t really get to hang out much as we are so busy, as Leeds is a very busy city for tattooing.

Being focused on my own thing, and trying  to push myself is all I can do. Focus on my clients, and giving them everything I can, is part of the journey.

Being a tattoo artist in Leeds in exiting, and challenging in a good way. As Leeds is growing as a city very fast, shall we grown as an artist together, and reach the high artistic knowledge to be able to make our clients happy, and feel fulfilled inside artistically.

Thanks for reading, and keep pushing on the skills.

Portrait Tattoo and Art in Leeds

Doing colour portrait tattoos in Leeds, or even a black and grey portrait tattoo, is an opportunity I love to get. I love doing portraits, it’s a big responsibility, however I love the challenge. 

I study portrait art online, it’s important to understand each part of the portrait, as you brake each part of the face. Understanding the muscles in the face, it’s  important to add the detail when I Tattoo the portrait, instead of just following the reference, as sometimes you can’t see certain curves in the references, how shadows falls in the face sometimes.

Understanding the muscle of the nose is very important, the nose is my favourite part of the face, and the eyes too. If you look at the muscles in the nose, it’s very interesting how many muscles parts the nose have.

Drawing a portrait before tattooing it, is very important, and it’s a way to practise and understand face feature, studying skull anatomy, and be more prepared for when tattooing a portrait.

Hopefully this year I’m gonna draw and tattoo  a lot of portraits, have a lot of fan and progress with my portrait skills.

Thank you for reading.

Barber DTS needles


Barber DTS Needles

I have been trying needles from all different brands. I love other needles too. But nothing is like Barber DTS needles.

Please don’t think I’m sponsored by Barber DTS, it’s really from my heart, that I’m speaking about these needles.

I like Barber Dts needles, because they are very practical.

First, I would like to talk about the thickness of the needle. The thickness is not too tick and not too thin. It’s really in between, some needles are too thin or too thick. And I feel like Barbers are in between. Which I prefer.

With Barber needles I can go for my texture and saturation, and just after go for my soft blends and gentle areas. I truly haven’t found that versatility with any other needle.

Another good reason why I buy Barber DTS needles, is for the quantity. They supply good quality needle, with a good quantity, which, it will last you a lot longer than usual needles, as some needle brands, it comes with only 10 needles per box.

I was introduced by Barber DTS needles, while guesting in Amsterdam. A friend of mine introduced me to them. And I’ve not used anything else since.

My blogs are from my heart, and I like to use good quality stuff. I like reviewing tattoo equipment as I love tattooing, and working with the best equipment as possible so the tattoo flows really nice and I enjoy the process.

Thanks for reading my blog!

The end of 2018


The end of the year

2018 has been a Rocky year for me, a lot of changes, but for the best.

If you say the truth to someone, and they are not in your life anymore, it’s better than to live in a pretending life. You can’t have a real relationship with someone, unless you are honest with yourself first. I love this quote “ if you seek the truth, the truth will free you”.

Next year because of that change, I’m gonna be able to be more focused and make decisions for myself, to look after myself better and best.

This year of 2018 has been the year of changes and lessons. I’m gonna take a lot of lessons with me next year. I would like to thanks everyone who have crossed my path, and have tough me a lesson, even if the lesson was, what not to do.

Motivation in my opinion is very important as an artist, as we have to be productive all the time, and keep progressing. I believe if you make bad decisions in your life, sometimes the motivation gets out of the window. And by the time you get the motivation back, you mite have lost a few years out of your life, where you could be more productive, upgrading your knowledge and skills.

I think going my own way, and focusing on myself is the best thing I can do right now. As an artist or in life in general, the best investment you can make is on yourself. As in life, you don’t get what you want, you get what you are.

As a Tattoo Artist, eating well, exercising and meditation is very important in my opinion. So next year I’m gonna be more focused on my health to be able to work better and have a self respect for my health, in order to work best.

I have a good feeling about next year, I feel like I’m gonna achieve a lot of goals, and have a great opportunity which is to tattoo styles that I draw,love and study.

I wish everyone a happy new year, and thanks for reading my blog.