New Chairs at Familia Tattoo Leeds


Hello Everyone,

Thanks for looking at our blog. In this blog we would like to talk about our new two chairs, at our studio.

We had the same sofa for over 4 years, it was about time to get a new one. Our first sofa was a cheap option we had to take, due to building the new studio, we couldn’t really afford to spend too much money on a new sofa.

Well, that was 4 years ago, so now we are very grateful to be able to afford high standard chairs. We care about our customers, so we want them to feel comfortable when they come to visit us.

These 2 chairs are the best you can get, so good that it’s made sleep on it. It has a leg raiser, and it feels like you are on a bed.

Overall very comfortable, we hope you feel comfortable when you come to visit us, get your head down and have a chill with us at Familia Tattoo.

Thanks for reading

Painting Class online


Hello everyone, we hope you guys are having a good start of 2018.

We haven’t blogged for a while, we have been doing great at Familia Tattoo, and getting some awesome clients. So it’s from our heart we thanks everyone who supports Familia Tattoo, or even look at our work and check our blog.

In this blog, I would like to mention about a painting class I’m currently studying online.

One of my goals last year was to do oil painting, I feel like I did it. However this year, I’m aiming to study oil painting and progress a bit more.

I believe to practise is a big part of any goal we want to achieve in life, however practising without knowing exactly what you doing, it can be a waste of time. I heard that from an artist online, and it kind of stuck to my head.

So now I’m trying to study a bit more, and I’m finding oil painting a lot more interesting. When you learn new ideas and techniques, it kind of open my brain to a new place I haven’t been before.

Nowadays if you want to learn something you can. Everything is online, and if you have a eager to learn, you will find a way. I hope to continuing progressing and hopefully I will be posting better oil paintings online, for you guys to have a look, and hope you like it.

Thanks for reading, speak again on the next blog.

L. Santos

London Tattoo convention


London Tattoo convention is our favourite show of the year. It’s an amazing show at the tabaco dock near London Bridge.

Going to London Tattoo convention opens our mind a lot, to new ideas information and inspiration. The quality of the artists working there is very high.

In this picture, im with one of my favourite tattoo artists, Victor Portugal. I bought 2 of his tattoo machines and his inks. I love his machines and his work. I would love to get tattooed with by him one day, it’s not so easy as he’s very busy. I have mensaged him 3 times and no answer, when I met him at the show he asked me to message him again, so I’m still working on it, you really have to insist to get tattooed by him. But if you do get the chance you will be rewarded with a beautiful piece of art.

We have more pictures to show from London Tattoo convention, it was a great weekend, it’s a must every year, we love it.

Thank you for reading.

War of Warcraft movie reference


As we all know nowadays movies are getting really good with CGI. Good to us artists, who can make the most of this awesome medium to inspire and give us new ideas for our work.

War of the Warcraft, for me has been a perfect opportunity to acquire artistic images and inspirations.

It’s by far the best fantasy movie for graphics and references I have ever seen. When I watched it in the cinema, I knew it was a must buy on blue ray for reference purposes.

I finally got it on blue ray, and the amount of reference I got of it, was immense. I’m so glad to live in a era that fantasy stories we use to read in books, are possible to be translated to the screen. And as an artist it’s very inspiring and a good opportunity to get new ideas and aspire your work to a new or better direction.

Thank you

Wonder Woman painting work in progress


Hello everyone! Thanks for reading our blog. In this blog I would like to mention about my next oil painting. I loved the Wonder Woman movie, so I decided to do an oil painting based on Wonder Woman.

I did not want to just look like the movie too much, so I made it a bit cartoony, more comic looking. I’m really looking forward to finish this oil painting, it takes layers after layers, loads of patience.

Wonder Woman is one of my favourite movies this year. I think they did a great job. The movie made more money than Iron Man, and it was so successful that in “justice league” they have re-wrote the story line to focus more on Wonder Woman. Well done.

Would definitely recommend a watch, keep an eye open for the final product, I will be posting on the web site, thank you!

A visit to an art gallery in London


Last Saturday I went to London to see one of my favourite bands “Nacao Zumbi”

The gig was amazing, last time they went to London was in 2006, so very rare appearance. They come from “Olinda” the north of Brazil, this is where I come from so their lyrics has a lot to do with my culture back in Brazil.

The next day, I was amazed to go to an art museum. The place was called “Victoria and alle museum” it was full of replica of one of the best sculptures in the world. I was so inspired by the whole place, it was just mind blowing, and it has inspired me to go and see the real statues. If I saw the replica and felt so inspired, imagine if I see the real ones, it must be out of this world.

Overall a great weekend, hope to keep getting inspiration like this more often.

Thank you

Sketch of the day by Louis


Inspired by fantasy movies I watch often, my sketches come out of that inspiration I get from also playing games.

Video Games and movies is where I get my inspiration from nowadays. Movies have CGI so advanced now, its mind blowing. And video games also are in a high level of graphics witch inspires me a lot too.

I love sketching, it’s my freedom zone, where I come out with any idea that comes to my mind. I’ve been sketching a lot recently, I fell now is the time to pick one of the sketches and transform in to a painting.

Thank you for reading.

A quick sketch for fun by Louis


Hello everyone, thanks for reading our blog.

We have been really busy at Familia Tattoo, we would like to thanks all our clients for the support and patience they have throughout the process of the tattoos. We have awesome customers and we can’t thanks them enough for everything, they become part of the Family.

In this blog, I would like to talk about the latest sketch I did. I love sketching, I love the freedom to do whatever comes to my mind, without worrying about anything. It is from a sketch where crazy ideas come out, even for a future Painting project.

In this sketch I did not go crazy, I kind of behaved myself a bit. I’m not religious, but I do love religious art. I’m fascinated by art in Churches. A lot of time and effort is spend with art at churches around the world.

I do not upload on social media every single sketch I do, but I’m gonna start blogging about it, so I can display what I have been up to.

At the moment I fell inspired and motivated, and I’m not gonna let this go again. I went through a phase in my life where I wasn’t, that was my own fault, for letting people in my life that I shouldn’t, but now I know the value of motivation and I prefer to be by myself, than with somebody that is gonna drain your motivation and energy away.

Time is ticking, and if you have a personal mission, you must act now.

Thanks for reading our blog

Stairs signs @ familiatattooleeds


Martin Smith, owner at Digital Panther recommended me to get stair signs. I was ok about the idea, but to be honest I doubted if we really needed it. As the job got done, I absolutely loved it. It really has a big effect when you walk in. As the clients walk in, they have something to look at, and it’s not just a boring stairs effort walking in. I believe bussiness is about producing good quality product, but also entertaining your client is also important, giving them a good experience, and that’s one thing we do care at familia Tattoo, clients experience, we do take our tattoos very seriously, and we also care for our clients experience, while they are spending time with us, during their tattoo sessions, we display movies and music videos all day long.

Thank you for reading our blog.