Japanese Bake-Neko painting by Joe

I started this painting a few months back using trying out new mediums. For a while i was using mainly pure watercolor, but with some materials ive found im now mixing gouache watercolor with acrylic allowing me to add a few more layers which i find enough for the skin too. I want to create painting that will help me progress with my oriental style tattooing and knowing the limits with the skin. I know you can really add more with a painting, but because i want people to reflect my painting to my tattoo work, i want to transition the styles between two…almost like im tattooing whilst painting and vice versa ^_^

I want to push my Japanese/oriental style and be the best i possibly can, i thank all my clients who come to me with this style of work.

“Winter is coming, i must hide back into the shadows” Bake-neko painting. Please follow my instagram @incognetojoe


Sleeve update on kyles arm

Kyle came to me asking for a full dragon sleeve which we have now had three sessions on. Its awesome to have clients book in with you that you knew from a few years back ( i met kyle in college). Here is the current progression on his arm, we added some cool dragon green into the scales. Thanks for looking. please follow me on instagram or twitter @incognetojoe





A day off at Familia Tattoo


Me and Joe had an unexpected day off at the studio, so we decided to have some relaxing time, and have some fun on PlayStation. Video Games are really inspiring us artistically at the moment, so as much as we are dedicated to our art, we need to get inspired artistically, so stoping our routine to play video games can lead us to new ideas and concepts to do new drawings and paintings.

Joe has brought to the studio street fighter 5, Witch is a well know game of the 90’s, still famously arround today, street fighter has been a big part of my childhood and so Joe’s.

I loved the art work on the new game, and aspired to new ideas. Joe as usual beat me several times with Chun-li as usual, as getting beaten up has inspired me to do Joe a Chun-li oil painting that is work in progress at the moment.

Thanks for reading our blog, we will keep posting our new ideas, and what we been up to lately.

Kind Regards
L. Santos

Disolation of Smaug work in progress by Louis


As a fantasy art fan, it is a pleasure to be tattooing a fantasy dragon based on a movie that inspires me so much artistically “the hobbit”

I was very happy when I was asked to do this tattoo, we are currently on the progress, the head is all done, we are now working on the left wing, for sure when it’s all done, it will be a tattoo to be proud of, I’m planning to take Dave to tattoo conventions and proudly show it off, and get some recognition for it hopefully, after all the hard work we gonna place on Daves full back piece.

I drew the head on a piece of paper to the right size to fit his back, then I’m free handing the rest of the dragons body all around the head.

Thank you Dave, for giving me such a great opportunity to do a tattoo that I can truly put my heart to it as a fantasy art fan.

L. Santos

Happy New Year from Familia Tattoo


Happy New Year Everyone!!!

We hope 2016 was a great year for all of you, for us it was a great year, we have accomplished a lot with our business and personal life.

2016 brought us a lot of awesome new clients, so I would like to thanks all the support from our customers. Without our clients we wouldn’t have a career, we wouldn’t have the opportunity to better our skills and learn with our artistic ¬†journey, so it’s really from our heart that we are very grateful for every single one of our clients. Thank you!

I feel like every year gets better, if we keep working hard, new doors keep opening and new things keep happening, and it’s exiting to see what 2017 has to offer to us. I’m sure it will be great and even better than 2016.

We are planning to do some changes with our business, brave changes but it will pay off in the end. I’m in my mid 30’s and starting to think about my future, in my personal life, I’m starting to make decisions based in what’s better for me and Joe, and not making decisions thinking about anybody else’s perception. That’s the best way to go about decisions, it’s to do what’s best for you.

We gonna be announcing some good changes this year, just keep an eye open for some more blogs.

May 2017 fill you with energy, success and abundance!!

Familia Tattoo

anime tattoos ^_^

Its been great working on some anime pieces over the last few months, feel grateful for clients bringing me pieces which i loves to tattoo and feel really passionate about.One of the tattoos (the brand of sacrifice) is from an anime called berserk which was one of the first anime’s i watched! when i actually got the email about this piece i was watching the show! here are a few pictures of some of the work i have been doing recently.



Guesting @ Inborn Tattoo New York City by Louis


On our American Tattoo Tour, I was very lucky to get a guest spot in Manhattan, at one of the best studios in New York City, Inborn Tattoo.

I was received pretty well, it was a great experience both artistic and personal. It’s good to get out of your comfort zone, put yourself in to new situations, that you are not used to, it really makes you learn and you become a stronger person.

I learned a lot at Inborn Tattoo, not only learned, as I made some awesome friends.

Travel for sure opens your doors for better possibilities, the network side of it, its unreal.

I ended my guest spot experience on a night club in Manhattan, it was a great night, and for sure I would be back at Inborn Tattoo.

L. Santos

Paradise Tattoo Gathering


Hello everyone, thanks for reading our blog. We are now back from our American Tattoo Tour, for sure we have a lot to talk about, so keep an eye open for updates on our American trip.

In this blog, I would like to start with the first part of our trip witch was in Massachusetts. We went to the paradise tattoo gathering.

It was in my opinion a great experience both artistic and personal, we had seminars witch opened our minds and stretched further artistic possibilities. We had seminars with some of our favourite artists, like Jeff Gogue, Nick Baxter and Guy Aitchinson.

All these seminars were held in a town called “Hancock” it was a beautiful place, full of nature, and such a chilled environment. We met a lot of new artists witch it increased our opportunities to travel more. Meeting new artists is such a good experience, both personal and artistic.

That’s one of the things we aim to do, to meet new artists and open new doors to our journey as tattoo artists.

Thank you for reading, keep an eye for further Familia blogs on our American tattoo tour.

Familia Tattoo

dragon/skull sleeve one more session to go ^_^

Ive had the pleasure working on this sleeve over the past 9 months and its almost complete, matts such an awesome client and has given me alot of freedom with how the sleeve has become. I love tattooing people that are laid back, get along with easily, the tattoo process is always better and the work outcome is great.I wanted to keep a japanese look with some detail mainly just in the skull area whilst keeping alot traditional. I put alot of time into drawing and designing the full sleeve, here is the current stage we are at.

Please follow my instagram @incongnetojoe

I have had to change my account name due to my last one been hacked :S