London Tattoo convention


London Tattoo convention is our favourite show of the year. It’s an amazing show at the tabaco dock near London Bridge.

Going to London Tattoo convention opens our mind a lot, to new ideas information and inspiration. The quality of the artists working there is very high.

In this picture, im with one of my favourite tattoo artists, Victor Portugal. I bought 2 of his tattoo machines and his inks. I love his machines and his work. I would love to get tattooed with by him one day, it’s not so easy as he’s very busy. I have mensaged him 3 times and no answer, when I met him at the show he asked me to message him again, so I’m still working on it, you really have to insist to get tattooed by him. But if you do get the chance you will be rewarded with a beautiful piece of art.

We have more pictures to show from London Tattoo convention, it was a great weekend, it’s a must every year, we love it.

Thank you for reading.

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