Japanese Bake-Neko painting by Joe

I started this painting a few months back using trying out new mediums. For a while i was using mainly pure watercolor, but with some materials ive found im now mixing gouache watercolor with acrylic allowing me to add a few more layers which i find enough for the skin too. I want to create painting that will help me progress with my oriental style tattooing and knowing the limits with the skin. I know you can really add more with a painting, but because i want people to reflect my painting to my tattoo work, i want to transition the styles between two…almost like im tattooing whilst painting and vice versa ^_^

I want to push my Japanese/oriental style and be the best i possibly can, i thank all my clients who come to me with this style of work.

“Winter is coming, i must hide back into the shadows” Bake-neko painting. Please follow my instagram @incognetojoe


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