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Japanese Bake-Neko painting by Joe

I started this painting a few months back using trying out new mediums. For a while i was using mainly pure watercolor, but with some materials ive found im now mixing gouache watercolor with acrylic allowing me to add a few more layers which i find enough for the skin too. I want to create painting that will help me progress with my oriental style tattooing and knowing the limits with the skin. I know you can really add more with a painting, but because i want people to reflect my painting to my tattoo work, i want to transition the styles between two…almost like im tattooing whilst painting and vice versa ^_^

I want to push my Japanese/oriental style and be the best i possibly can, i thank all my clients who come to me with this style of work.

“Winter is coming, i must hide back into the shadows” Bake-neko painting. Please follow my instagram @incognetojoe


Sleeve update on kyles arm

Kyle came to me asking for a full dragon sleeve which we have now had three sessions on. Its awesome to have clients book in with you that you knew from a few years back ( i met kyle in college). Here is the current progression on his arm, we added some cool dragon green into the scales. Thanks for looking. please follow me on instagram or twitter @incognetojoe





anime tattoos ^_^

Its been great working on some anime pieces over the last few months, feel grateful for clients bringing me pieces which i loves to tattoo and feel really passionate about.One of the tattoos (the brand of sacrifice) is from an anime called berserk which was one of the first anime’s i watched! when i actually got the email about this piece i was watching the show! here are a few pictures of some of the work i have been doing recently.



dragon/skull sleeve one more session to go ^_^

Ive had the pleasure working on this sleeve over the past 9 months and its almost complete, matts such an awesome client and has given me alot of freedom with how the sleeve has become. I love tattooing people that are laid back, get along with easily, the tattoo process is always better and the work outcome is great.I wanted to keep a japanese look with some detail mainly just in the skull area whilst keeping alot traditional. I put alot of time into drawing and designing the full sleeve, here is the current stage we are at.

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I have had to change my account name due to my last one been hacked :S


Anime inspired sleeve progress

I have had the pleasure of people asking me to do some really nice pieces that mean alot to me as well as the client because i too had similar experiences when growing up to they have in there tattoos. Adam gave me the idea of incorporating two dragons from different anime shows into one sleeve.  So far we have done all of the background work and now started shading the body of shenron (dragon ball Z) and haku(spirited away). Really enjoying the piece as i put alot of time into the drawing and gave my own influence on the sleeve mainly a Japanese look.

ive put alot of time and my client into this sleeve and really want it to be different from the other anime pieces of seen so far with this characters.

Looking forward to our next session which will mainly be scale work on shenron, i normally leave the faces until last as I want to put alot of detail into them whilst keeping the body less saturated ^_^ I too recently just got back into watching dragon ball Z after stopping after the majin buu saga for some reason, and also the super shows too!

here is the progress thus far! Joe




Swallow rib piece in progression by Joe

Lara did really well for this piece as it was her first tattoo, so being a large piece on the ribs I ensured her she did amazingly well. Lara gave me a design which she had sketches up and i then took it and made it into a tattoo and give some of my own influence on the piece. Lara mentioned the swallow was also a memory piece for a her family which her grandfather had on his wrist.

I love looking at old woodblock work on swallows, they look timeless and date back into the 1600’s…and they still look good, i cant think of many references apart from real life photos that can pull that off. Here is the line work for now, next time we will work on the shading , cant wait! @joegallotattoo


Today is Christmas for me ^_^

Today was a good day (in the words of ice cube_)..i received my new arm rest from a custom arm rest building based in Leeds @big_g_ho. It feels so much better than my previous one which was just a standard manufactured one. the padding is so thick the clients arm sinks into the padding giving me more control when working. It also allows me to slide the stand under my tattoo bed thanks to the thin plate which the arm stands on, highly recommend his work check him out on instagram.

I also put together (with my good friend ross) a new tattoo chair which Louis had kindly bought as we were getting abit fed up of the old bed, it had worn out over the years. Louis is like an older brother to me, we bicker at each other alot but its only because we get along so well, weve never really fallout over the years knowing each other and we work so close to one another!

The new chair from @tatsoul is a huge upgrade, the padding is much firmer and softer allowing clients to sit longer. It also has adjustable arm rest for the client if they wish to sit in a more chair like position, so all together i can now tattoo better in a more comfortable position for both me and my client.



New anime sleeve started by Joe

Adam came to wanting two character combing from different anime’s which i also loved watching as a kid, i use to make sure i home by 5:30 to watch dragon ball Z every day from school!

He wanted Sheron (dragon ball Z dragon) and haku (character from spirited away who transforms into a dragon) into a sleeve giving it an anime look, which fits perfectly with Japanese style.

was both fun to draw and tattoo, really chilled out client who gave me so much freedom on the design. great day, thanks Adam. please follow me @joegallotattoo


new Japanese new started by Joe

Today i got started an a piece based on the nightmare creatures from Japanese stories. Was a great piece for me to start, i remember looking at this type of imagery myself before i began tattooing and fell in love with the stories and art work. Niel wanted a dark themed sleeve but keeping the Japanese look. I based the sleeve on a hannya wearing demon capturing the dragon and putting my own version on the drawing. I like my dragon to look big and stand out mixing solid and grey lines allowing me to add solid and blended shading.


Progression dragon sleeve by Joe

I have had two sessions on this Japanese themed sleeve, I was asked for a skull and dragon with freedom of placement but keeping it a more traditional Japanese look with my own hint on them.  Drawing a full sleeve, lining and working on the background is a challenging process which required a good 6 -8 hours of drawing time, but its all worth it in the end.

When drawing a full sleeve you need to make sure that its complete within that frame of mind, if you come back to it after say a week or so, your mind frame will have a different outlook on the drawing thus changing the style, you want the sleeve to feel like it has the same mind and style throughout all, other wise it could look extremely lost in each area.

But not every sleeve will be drawn like this, black and grey and a more realism approach to a tattoo normally requires a different outlook on the process and because of the detail it would require a more “piece by piece” approach.

I feel greatly appreciated when clients message me from looking at my art work either on instagram or our website and drawings for a style that is just purely timeless. I cant think of any tattoo ive seen aged after 10 years still look as strong and pleasing to the eye than a Japanese tattoo done well. But this is just my opinion, there are plenty of work now being done in other styles that are strong and when done well look great after many years. here we have worked on the line work and just some background for now. looking forward to adding more.